What will you do ?

Friends , what will you do if some stranger comes and asks if he can take a snap of your child in his mobile ?

The side lines are : any way he can take a snap from a distance . Our consent doesn’t have any relevance . May be he already took one . May be he will turn into a rebel if you deny.

What will you do ? Or what you think we should do ?  Is there a way to convey what you have to say without offending them ? Or we should just let it go ?

I am confused . Enlighten me !



4 responses to “What will you do ?

  1. NO is the word ..
    It is a offence to take a pic without permission , I know they can take it but if found out they can be arrested 🙂

    weird people , have ur own kids and click pics of them .. why ask for mine 🙂

    You can politely say No.. and if ypu see him take , go upto to him take hold of the camera , throw it on the road and STAMP on it .. they will get the message loud and clear … 🙂

    btw What did you do ? he hehe

  2. Never allow it. Straight away refuse. And have a really FIERCE look in your eyes, he will back off!!

  3. someone clicked my niece’s pic at the aiport, my sister in a polite yet stern tone told that lady,please delete the picture right now. The lady said but why and my sis simply said, because i say so!

    end of discussion… you have the right to protect yr child’s privacy.

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