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Blogjunta has selected my blog for the final round of Best of Indian Blogosphere (BIOB ) 2010 polls under the category Parenting and I feel grateful.  I am happy that the blogs selected are of very good quality and is looking forward for going through all of them.

To win this or not is one thing . But I would like to use this boom to spread awareness on Dyslexia, Learning disabilities and other special conditions like Autism , Aspergers , Cerebral Palsy etc. And to represent the brave mothers out there who fight every inch of their life to help their kids get identified for the giftedness and abilities .

Three or four years before when I knew nothing about dyslexia or learning disabilities and was worried and convinced that my son is a mediocre student and lazy and moody and restless , I happened to see the much renowned  movie ‘ Tare Zameen par’ and realised Ruby might be having this problem. To put it in short I got him tested , informed the school and changed my ways and attitude.

It took a long way to realise that he has above average intelligence (in the gifted range ) and his difficulties and problems are different from our problems regarding to him. When he was diagnosed with dyslexia I did not know a single person who knew about this other than the assessing professionals . If the average population knew about it then I would also have known. And my son wouldn’t have gone through all the mental trauma.

Whenever I talked to others about this they looked at me like I am a semi crack speaking an alien language. Being left with no person and resource to ponder it was the Google that provided me with every thing needed. There is one dialogue in TZP where the father says ” My wife searched the net and found all about this” . Even though it was meant in a negative way in the movie that sentence was my inspiration . I searched the net for sites on dyslexia, learning disabilities, home schooling and parenting  blogs across the world. Experienced mothers and resource persons came forward to help me through and to answer my most silliest questions. If I have been able to impart any change in my kids’ life over these years I owe it to each and every one of those people whom I met in this virtual world.

Kids who score 1 mark or even less for exams. Think about it ! These kids may be the future Albert Einsteins and Abraham Lincons. They would have scored better or more importantly felt better if they were reached ( I am not using ‘taught’) the way they should. And the way is unique for each child. That is why it is important that the parent should know about it.

When I talk to people who work in the ‘resource help’ they say the most difficult part is to make the parent accept the problem. It is easier for the parents to think that their child is lazy or not trying than to accept they don’t fit in the normal standard.

Two days before, my son read out a passage in the public which even the adults who listened to him would have found difficult . My voice choked and my eyes filled with tears of joy . I wanted to shout ” See ! He is reading out loud . ” 

Give the support your child needs right from early childhood. And see that you give it in a positive way.

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And here are some random personal notes tossed in at One woman thousand moments.

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The voting is open till February 13 th. Please read the other blogs also and vote only for the blog which deserves it .

8 responses to “Parenting and more …

  1. I dont know what to say but God bless and yes not many know about this especially in india, here we are trained every few months of so to understand such cause sometimes we were thought of being bad when someone went overboard thinking the other person is making it up..

    But i guess as more and more people know about it we will understand it much better …
    God bless…

    and congrats on getting selected … the voting thing does not work in wordpress i have tried putting it up.. I got in two categories .. so have given up now .. anyway asyou said win or not win is not the issue .. YOUR BLOG is mentioned in the top few so CONGRATSSSSSSSSSSSSSS 🙂

  2. U so deserve this! Luv ur spirit and Ruby’s and Pearl’s too 🙂

    • Thank you Swaram 🙂 ever since I met you , you ve been there with your encouraging words . Whatever it is I am happy this Blogging world has let me meet some great people 😀

  3. So well done, Ash. Voted and saw the results too, you are right on top, as you truly deserve to be. God bless you and your family!!!! You are a wonderful mother, and I am so blessed to know you 🙂

  4. Oh Thank you Pal 🙂 May God bless !

  5. Congratulations! I have read just this post of yours and it tells me that you totally deserve the honour!

    Loved this post. Makes so much sense! Off to read the rest of your blog.

  6. Thank you Smitha for the sweet words 😀
    er.. the results are not out ;P The voting is still going on 😀
    Hope you enjoy reading my blog 😀

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