My first Meme inspired from Swaram’s and Monika’s posts . The idea is to post the first post of the month for all the 12 months and see how you blogging year has gone . But I have taken the freedom to post the best post or the best I think of the month .As mine is a child oriented blog I have tried to bring forth the posts related to kids and learning . But in between the poor insane mother  also pops out .


The view in a thousand years. As usual I heard about the eclipse only the day before. And I thought, as always it was one of those you cannot see…


Birds in my neighbourhood . This is the first chart Siva has done by himself. Well, It needed a lot of poking and patience from my side…


The best all rounder .Right from the day she was born , she has been the joy of our heart, and as they say the ‘lamp of our house’. Describing Pearl is as difficult as..

Sweet sweet vacation. This is one of the songs that reminds me so much of our vacation at our mother’s place. Last year this time I was longing for mangoes


Twenty Books challenge . Today I saw this challenge on Pal’s blog. I found it very interesting and is going for it right now.

Cherai beach before and after. Two or three years before, I realised with shock that my son is really suffering for what we want him to be. Every thing was in chaos..


Pearl’s worries Her father has convinced Pearl that we had bought her from a pet shop just like we bought Leo. So now she wants to know from which pet shop he bought me !

To my Mom on Mother’s day :To My mom, For she is the only one who understands what is in my mind. I can fool the whole world . But not her …


Fireflies in my bed room Yesterday night when I switched off my bed room light I saw a fire fly blinking near the kids’ bed. The child in me was very happy to see it…


New soil new sun Well, I am no good with changes . It is very difficult for me to adjust with them .After we changed our house last time , it took me almost three years to call it, home without thinking twice …


Saying good bye to my Granma I was too tired to fight with my Mom when she invited me to visit her house . It was easier to give in. It has been over 9 years . I had been in the third term of my pregnancy…


Giftedness and LD Until recently I thought both Giftedness and LD are one and the same .How foolish, isn’t it ? While we did the assessment for Ruby last year , the special educator..

I am convinced Last week we had gone for a trip to Athirapally waterfalls . Like all our trips and almost everything in our life it was an impulsive decision


Why phonics ? Pearl is convinced that we are all reading English incorrectly.She cannot understand why we are saying ‘fone ‘ for ‘pone’ and ‘filips’ for ‘pilips’…


Childhood friend This post is dedicated to my Childhood friend ,who was also my neighbor . As children we had a great time . We  played and played and…


Wordless Weekends This is my weekend corner . The place where I wait  every weekend – Saturday and Sunday while Ruby and Pearl take their key board and music  classes respectively .To my left in level with the balcony is a mango tree..

7 responses to “MeMe

  1. Where did that Gulmohar and Me go? Am nt finding it today 😦
    Lemme go check out these posts nw

  2. same as swaram.. i also got notified about Gulmohar and me 🙂 and it says page not found …

    and everyone is doing this year Collage …

    I remember the wordless wednesday one .. reminded me of home 🙂
    and have read a few others also .. i shud go and read the rest of the articles mentioned too 🙂

    • Thanks Swaram and Bikram for noticing . I didn’t post it in the meme as it is always there in the top posts . Can’t figure out what went wrong with the link though 😦
      It is one of my first posts and is not this year’s . I republished it when I changed my domain 😛

  3. Good collage of ur posts…. 🙂 Hope u’ll be posting a lot this year too. 🙂 🙂

  4. Congrats on making it to that polling list on BlogJunta and wishing u gud luck 🙂

  5. Thank you so much Swaram, If not for you I wouldn’t have noticed it 😀

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