Dear Life insurance company,

Last week we got a phone call from a reputable Bank explaining that Pearl has secured a prize for some activity done at school and we should go with the child to their office  to collect the prize on January 3rd. We were in the midst of a trip and decided to keep it a surprise for a while . To be frank I wasn’t convinced enough . My paranoid mind always keep on searching for the catch in offers. Anyway we reached upon the conclusion that a reputable bank will not want to play games with something related to Kids .

I could not call up her class teacher also as she was busy with her son’s wedding. Recently there has been a lot of promotional activities in the school. Anyway in the hustles of the vacation , we forgot about the whole thing . But yesterday Hubby again received a call from them . This time he was alert enough to ask what the competition was and they said it was a painting contest.They even gave him a time for the prize distribution.

Hubby asked pearl, who was back from school about the paintings she had done at school and she had a big list !!! They both got ready to pay a visit any way . The only thing that would make him to drive into the hectic city would be the twinkling eyes of his daughter and the sheer joy to see her jumping with surprise on receiving the prize.

As I was just back from the town and all dressed up I also decided to join them.  I am not going into the trouble we had with parking once we reached there . Anything for our little Angel !!! It turned out to be the life insurance wing of the Bank. At the office we were welcomed with a perplexed look from every one . There was another parent , a mother and her son in the cabin . After some time they came out with the boy carrying a gift with great pride . He marched with the same twinkling eyes as our daughter’s .The mother again had a perplexed look and it was obvious that she came in a rush .

The sales promoter or Manager or whoever he is pasted a smile on his face and welcomed us. He said with great pomp that our daughter was a really lucky one to be selected from a large number of kids .We were very delighted and wanted to know all about it . And this was the conversation that took place:

Sales promoter : ” oh well , it was done as a part of our campaigning in schools . Almost 450 students participated in it . AS WE CANNOT BRING ALL OF THEM HERE WE HAVE SELECTED A FEW AND YOUR DAUGHTER IS ALSO ONE AMONG THEM “.

Me : ” So, it was done randomly ? “

Sales promotor : ” Ah, yes, randomly . Our office at Delhi ‘ went through the drawings’ (in low tone ) and ‘ other details of the child ‘ (in confident tone ) and your daughter was also selected .

He tried to strike a conversation with Hubby who knocked it off with the first sentence. So , that is it . They just wanted the parents to be there so they can relaxingly explain the scheme to us !!!

I don’t know what kept this man away from doing it . May be the killing look on my face , May be the fact that Hubby is a CA and there is no point in explaining , or may be he was in a hurry , or may be from the looks  he decided we wouldn’t invest in the scheme.Anyway he didn’t go on with the explanation as he did with the previous customer (the mother and the boy ) .

He just handed us a leaflet and said he has a complementary gift for us. I am cent percent sure he gave it to the boy as a prize and not as a give away . We were given a metallic platter which the family later decided unanimously is ideal for serving food for the pet dog. The bottom line is he wanted us to go through the leaflet and invest in their scheme.

I would have loved to see the drawing by my child.  or I thought they would have an exhibition of the best drawings in their notice box. I just love to see kids’ paintings. I very much wanted to see how my daughter’s thought process worked as a free individual. I don’t usually post rants on my blog . I like to keep this little space beautiful. But this one was terrible. If any of you receive such a phone call please don’t go unless you want to waste your time or you want a good for nothing rustic bowl with their name embedded on it or you want to invest there .The only thing that kept me away from giving that man a piece of my mind was the fact that I did not want to upset my child . And I am sure they count on it.

Being parents who believe in explaining to kids things as they are we explained with great effort to Pearl that she has been selected from a lucky draw and is not the winner . Back home we find her checking her paintings to see which one was selected.

Now I have this little letter to you Dear Insurance Company ,

Please do not make children your bait ! Do you want to build your empire on a lie ? And that too lying to a little child ?

How dare you meddle with other people’s precious time ?

It is okey to campaign for your product . But the whole process should have some credibility. I am not a good investor and I don’t know nothing about Life Insurance. But above any thing I am a mother who rejoices even the smallest steps taken by my children.

We would have really appreciated it if you have taken the effort to go through the paintings at least. You would have been remembered in our heart with a lovely note . And we would have seriously considered joining some plans for both our kids to acknowledge the good effort you have taken to encourage our child along with your promotional programme.

Please do not try to feed on a parent’s unconditional love to his/her child.

8 responses to “Dear Life insurance company,

  1. So mean of them! Hope your daughter took it well!

  2. Ridiculous!
    Luv hw u explained things to her 🙂

  3. That is very very bad , If it was me that person would have got a slap on his idiotic face..
    Good job you blogged about it , I would put it on twitter and everywhere to bring shame to this stupid company who wud use children for there tupid gimmick … Completely ridiculous …

  4. cheap marketing gimmicks…! you should pull-up the school too which agreed to a part of the whole show.

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