2010 @ Krishnaleela

With the New year ahead just in a few days I was wondering what I was doing last year this time . With some back to back reading I figured out we were fully engrossed in exams and projects . This year with the ” Progressive assessment program ‘ CBSE schools have only two exams . Mid term exam and final exam . And with that our schedules changed a lot since last year .

Ruby and Pearl just has to study the every day portions and then , they are free .

And here at Krishnaleela we used the year for self-identifying and realising . WE were subtle . But we were also active . Kids were given complete freedom to follow whatever interests them . They are slowly loosening my ties on them and spreading their wings . I am watching them with awe .

This year Ruby had only group projects which they discuss among the group and do themselves . Parents just have to help the kids collect whatever they want . I sort of miss doing projects with him . We make a great team . But I am amazed at the ideas and organising put up by the little ones. So , I didn’t have much to post on the projects .

One other major step was Ruby started reading by himself . It had become a bit difficult for me to answer all his questions . But now I just have to see that library is well stocked . He uses his text books just as an index. He depends more on outside reading . And he carries all the relevant books to school to share with his friends .

Pearl has also started reading and every day she selects a book that I would read to her . And later she would read it on her own . Nobody asks her to . But she does this by herself. Now that she has this dance program coming up at school she is busy at school and home trying out the steps . If any of you plan to visit us, I warn you ! Please keep some time aside to watch her dance 😀

This year the only major problem from the school was /is dictations . One of the teachers is conducting a dictation program every day /any day . In fact the students do it. Any of the student dictate 10 words every day and all those who score less than 8 marks has to get a signature from the parent . With the students searching for the toughest words Ruby comes home with a score ranging from 0-5.

We were following a good spelling curriculum at home . We concentrated only on the key words according to his standards with out much pressure on him . And he was doing extremely well .   But this dictation has spoiled every thing . Now we don’t even speak about spelling other than for playing scrabble and flip words or to type on the internet . I don’t know why the teacher wants to torture the child every day of the week. It could have been done once a week or twice .

Ruby has been exploring his artistic skills with great enthusiasm . Now he is identified by his classmates as the one with great colour sense . And I too feel , his colour combinations are excellent .

I and Pearl have been through many trial and errors to bring her temper tantrums under control .  But it seems it would be wiser to leave her like she is .

I went through some major metamorphosis . I have some how managed to get a hold on my short temper which I did not think would be possible in this life . And I have finally found out something called ‘patience’ really exists. Now I can actually see people even when I am in a high temper and think beyond the moment which really is an achievement . And I realised life is not a one day match . It will not provide answers overnight .

The only thing man is entitled to do is ” Celebrate every day of life and don’t miss even the small moment of happiness life brings ” .

Between me and hubby and the ten years left behind we discovered that we will stick together through thick and thin . With every year we walk together the beauty of couple-hood is growing . May the years ahead bring more beautiful moments .

And with all these 2010 is slowly fading away and I plan to make this my sticky post until the New year and spend the holidays with lot of cuddles and snuggles in our own little world , unless I stumble upon something really interesting to share with you .

A very very Happy Christmas and Happy new year to YOU !

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8 responses to “2010 @ Krishnaleela

  1. A VERY HAPPY MERRI CHRISTMAS to you and family… and a very happy prosperoous new year………

    i loved the drawings especially the volcano… 🙂 the kids are going to do greatttttttttttttt …


  2. Thank u so much for the wishes and wishing u all the same too. May the yr bring with lotz of goodies 🙂

    Celebrate every day of life and don’t miss even the small moment of happiness life brings . – Loved this one 🙂

    And yes ofcourse, I am coming with a lot of time to read Ruby’s books, see Pearl’s dance and bang the dictation teacher 😛 😛

    • Thanks for the goodies 🙂 You know what I want 😛
      Come over ! WElcome !! The teacher is actually a very understanding and inspirational Teacher . The only problem is she dictation every day 😀

      If you can be Pearl’s audience for some time we can all take some rest 😀

  3. wen will i get a chance to see her dance…cudn really wait after seeing this post…

  4. Wow! Now be nice and share the secret of how you cultivated patience. I know its a virtue;) Wish you long and happy years ahead as a family!

  5. hehe 😈

    Its a secret potion !! 😀

    Thank you for the wishes Vidya !!

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