Farm and food


Plantain laden with fruit waiting for its owner .The sight that welcomed me when I went to my old house last week. We shifted from there seven months back.

I don’t miss the house , I don’t miss the land , I don’t miss my neighbours , I don’t miss the calm and quiet.

I miss my plants .

I miss the sparrow family that lived in our bed room sun shade . They also go to bed along with us . We hear them chirping even in the night .

The bulbuls that lived in the mango tree in the front yard . The sun birds and wag tails and the butterflies that frolicked my garden . The parrots , yellow mag pies and  mynahs that came in and out of the tree holes as they liked . The quail couple , spotted cuckoo and the group of crow pheasants ( uppan ) that visited the back yard. The Mangoose family .

The jasmines and tube roses in the front that I planted especially to fill the threshold with their sweet fragrance in the evenings .

Mandaram , Shoe flowers , Rajamalli , Kongini poo , Nandiarvattom, Golden trumpet flowers …. I miss them all.

Now , coming back to the Thursday challenge ,


‘Paneer Pasanda’ as we called it . When we tried to make it at home after our scrumptious meal at ‘Oottupura ‘ , Vytilla.

Thursday Challenge this week  “FOOD” (Farmers Market, Vegetables, Meat, Cooking, Restaurant,…) Next Week: TOYS (Dolls, Games, Stuffed Animals, Athletic Equipment, Construction Toys, Art Supplies,…)

4 responses to “Farm and food

  1. Hi Krishna,

    Your description of the plants and greenery reminded me of my stint in Palakkad. It was a beautiful period of my life when my little baby was just growing up. And we were surrounded all around by greenery.

    Miss them too!:(

  2. and indeed PASANDA it is wowwowo … I am drooling now …

    you know the line where you said you miss ur plants , well this may sound crazy but i did not shift to a new house earer to work just because it did not have a big garden and i did not want to leave my flower bed and all that work i had put in my garden .. I know the feeling ….


  3. ya !! I couldn’t pull out the trees and all 😉

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