Wordless Weekends

This is my weekend corner . The place where I wait  every weekend – Saturday and Sunday while Ruby and Pearl take their key board and music  classes respectively .

To my left in level with the balcony is a mango tree which is always bustling with chirping sparrows , sun birds ( adakka kuruvi ), bulbuls,  mag pies, and wag tails .

In front of the balcony are two banyan trees which are frolicked by flocks of parrots and magpies . And when they bear fruits the number is just increased by double . It is almost one year now since I started to watch them .

I enjoy the silence here . I use the time to catch up with my Sis and Bro , to pester my friends with phone calls and messages , to read books , to plan my week ahead and to make silly notes like these .

Pearl comes in between during the break to check on me . Most of the parents ( ie. real people who are concerned about their child’s education )prefer to sit inside the classroom in a corner, like prisoners to see if their wards are learning the lessons properly or more possibly to check if the teacher is taking thee classes properly . And love it that I get this place to myself I don’t care to enlighten them 😛

image courtesy - google search

Right now a green bird just flew away from my side 😀 ( from google I found out its name is ‘blue winged leaf bird’ , but in my mother tongue we call it ‘pachapanamthatha’ the sweetest of birds ). And a sparrow is chirping sweetly from the branches of the mango tree  🙂

I am not risking a snap of the birds as they keep on hoping from branches to branches . I am afraid I may lose my guard and end up on the ground trying to chase them . Now only my pen fell down through the rails .

Right down is a soda filling station and two small girls are enjoying some bottles they sneaked out from there . They are staring upwards to see who threw the pen at them .

Oooh!! Finally I got a sparrow in focus . But , I have got company here . A boy has come to the terrace of the adjacent building with a funky looking mobile in his hand . By the looks of it he has come to check who this mad woman is , busily taking down notes and clicking photos of their house .

He is clad completely in black and I wonder if he is Mafia king or just another Swami . He is trying hard not to give out that he is looking what I am doing .      Ah !!!May be they don’t have a license for the soda unit or are doing some other dark business there . I wonder if they would set some body to ‘sketch’ me 😛

By this time Pearl is back from her classes and I move on . My only worry is that classes are only for one hour 🙂

12 responses to “Wordless Weekends

  1. haha..akka..lovely post..u’ll never change..i grew up seeing u wandering all over achiyamma’s ayyam in search of birds n new plants..now u changed the venue..thtz it..loved alot reading it..

  2. Mongoe tree.. reminds me of our house back home in india we had 3 mangoes trees yummy …

    the little bird look beautiful the sparrow.. 🙂

    do you take your camera with you everywhee 🙂 he heheh

    • Thank you Bikram 😀
      It seems you miss your Mother land a lot and you had a great childhood here 😀
      I hear mangoes from Punjab are very sweet 🙂
      I selected a sleek camera so that I can carry it around 🙂

    • YEs i love my country along being motherland.. my own mother is there … I had a blast in my childhood pity we have to grow up.. i wish i can go back to that time …
      yes mangoes are juicy here and what can be better then climbing the tree and having them FRESH.. 🙂

  3. U hv written it so well 🙂 It ws almost like u decribed my kitchen balcony where I spend a lot of me-time too 🙂

    • Thanks Swaram 😀
      Ooh ! I don’t have any place in this house where I can really have some me time . Of course if you don’t consider the time in front of my lap!!:P

  4. Oh this is soooooooo lovely, Ash. I am so envious now!!!!!

    • 😀 Thaaa…nks Pal 😀 What about giving me a company for the next weekend ?? 😀
      I seriously envy the view of the bridge and the swans in the river you have there 😀

  5. Ahhh, this sounds just like my kind of spending time!! Imaginations working over time (your wondering if its a soda factory at all) too 😛 Lol, how I can relate to that. Btw why does our pachapanamthatha have a blue tag in its name in English??! 😛

  6. 😀 😀 A lazy mind is a devil’s workshop 😀 How true !! 😉

    It seems ‘Panamthatha ‘ falls in the subdivision of leaf birds . Two species are found in Kerala and both have a blue tint on its wings . I have also noted the bluishgreen tint on the wings . I did not find any correct translation though !! 😉
    I know another fellow blogger Shirley @ Enrichingthekid, who is also an ardent bird watcher . I was thinking of checking with her 😀 Will let you know 🙂
    I have one other doubt . Ruby says the small birds we say every where in Kerala are humming birds and not Sun birds . He says sun birds only feed on insects and won’t take nectar . Do you know anything about it ?

  7. I have to receive a small panamthatha today.But i dont know what the bird eating.Please help me friends. Itr urgent. Otherways the bird dead

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