The Butterfly flap Book

Pearl wanted to make a huge butterfly and write a story on its wings . After so many discussions we decided to make a flap book . And after trial and errors and patch up works to cover the mistakes done we ended up doing something like this .

Pearl is now seriously into reading. I had done enough and more spelling and reading lessons with Ruby eons ago that even now I cringe when I see a spelling book or think of giving a reading lesson. So I haven’t done anything with Pearl unless asked for . But she is exploring herself and with great enthusiasm .

Recently we are into this reading game where one has to stop and give up the turn to the next person when they make a mistake . Pearl is all set that she wouldn’t allow any body in the house to read . If she can’t read a word she keeps on repeating it until her turn comes. Ruby sits aside and keep looking on us as though we are mad people . As much as he likes to read nobody can drag him into a reading game 😀

13 responses to “The Butterfly flap Book

  1. Lol, interesting game and beneficial at the same time. That is a beautiful flap book! 🙂

    • hmmm. .. yes Shail . We used to play it while at school . It was impossible for me to stop talking . So this helped me to talk and at the same time it kept us safe from the name list of talkatives 😀 😀

      Thank you Shail 😀

      You back from Dubai !!! I sort of missed you in the blogging world ! Yes, I know I can’t directly say it in Malayalam . We did rake our brains for a while though 😀 😀

  2. Wow, what an idea!! Excellent work!

    • Thank You Pal ! You are really a booster !! 🙂 Idea is basically Pearl’s . But three of us work as a team . And I really enjoy it . I can work late into night or any time for that matter with stuffs like these. But daily chores is where I suffer 😉
      I see so many women love house work with the same passion . And I always feel left out in such circles 😛

  3. Wow interesting game – timepass and helpful 🙂
    Very pretty butterfly there 🙂

  4. Hmm …. You would discover anything to keep them engaged .
    In our tongue we say like ‘ kuppinnu vanna bhootham ” They need one thing after another and it keeps me sane for a while 😀 😀

  5. Well thats nice, Game and work together .. and the butterfly looks great and my favourite colour too BLUEEEEEEEEe 🙂


  6. So nicely done…Brilliant effort. 🙂

  7. The flap-book looks beautiful!

  8. Aswathy Venugopal

    so sweet of Pearl.. 🙂

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