Minnie and Daisy

These two cuties are Pearl’s pets . Minnie and Daisy as she calls them ( after girl friends of Mickey and Donald) .

She brought it from her Aunt’s house when they were just few weeks old .

Once she even took it her school in a carton to show it to her teacher and friends . And guess what , Most of the kids hadn’t seen a rabbit in their whole life !!!

The snaps were taken by Ruby .

As for the ‘Thursday challenge’ , I was under the impression this week’s theme was rain and clouds . So logged in to post a snap of summer rain from my archive . But ah ! I was so wrong . Any way it has happened so may times before . So if you really want to see any ‘brown’ please look at the earth beside the rabbits 😛

8 responses to “Minnie and Daisy

  1. So cute….Rabbits as pets huh ??? Shld be fun… 🙂

  2. Hey I too had a rabbit for a pet, they run so faast! But I lost mine 😦

  3. Ha ha! Earth beside the rabbits – gud one 🙂
    Minnie and daisy r sooo cute. Cn I pet them pls 😛 😛

  4. 🙂 🙂 Thanks Swaram
    Come home and pet them as you like 😀 😀 I am not a good pet owner anyway 😛
    Pearl takes care of them like the Selfish giant 😀

  5. yayyyy I love rabbit reminded me when i was back home in india i had 3 pairs of them 🙂 and soon they multiplied ..

    We spent a whole day building the cage and making it so good for them ,, Then in evening we wud shut all the gates and take them out and play with them in our lawn .. 🙂 amazing..


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