After reading the whole book ” Gently falls the Bakula ‘ by Sudha Murthi , I found from google that Bakula  refers to ‘ Ilanji’  flowers .

Yesterday sister and I have been thinking hard which flower it could be .

Ilanji is the tree under which  Hubby and I used to spend so many happy hours as engaged couple . I have even posted about it here!

Now that I have read this book it feels so eerie !!

3 responses to “Bakula

  1. How romatic 🙂


    Thanks Bikram and welcome to my blog 🙂

  2. Bakula is Ilanji?? Ahhh thanks for sharing that 🙂 There is an old Mallu song, Ilanji poomanam ozhuki varunnu
    Indriyangalil athu padarunnu 🙂

    I didn’t have any notion that it could be Ilanji . But I am obsessed with plants. Can’t sleep in peace when information is there at my finger tips . And google takes up a lot of my time 😦

    hmm …I know the song . Hubby has this habit of mixing up verses and making new ones . He sings the old song ‘ pulayanaar maniyamma …. ‘ with ‘ ilanjikal pookunna … ‘ . Only recently I found out it is ‘ Aralikal pookkunna.. ‘ 😀

  3. Haha, Ilanjikal pookunna karayil appol vanna.. ;p Improvisation eh??

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