Childhood Friend

This post is dedicated to my Childhood friend ,who was also my neighbor .

As children we had a great time . Ours was a small gang which had kids from all ages . On Saturdays our house acted as the base as both my parents were working and we had the house to ourselves. And every Saturday there would be some mischief for the elders to scorn . Once we took Mom’s dinner set to  play ‘kitchen’ and ended up breaking all of them . Even now I can feel the trembling of my legs when father came home . That is to name one.

Teenage brought  new dimensions to our friendship. Unknowingly we got separated from the rest of the gang and liked to spend happy hours in our own little world. We studied and gossiped . Listened to all the beautiful songs of our time . We passed secrets which were sweet and naive when I see from here . Flirted as much as we could under the scrutinising eyes of our parents and siblings . Made devious plans against the boys who dared to tease us. Dreamed together . Walked in the moonlight hand in hand wondering what future would bring us .

Childhood friends always know you inside out . They see you before you learn to polish yourself to present before the world.

This is for you my dear friend . For the endless whispers , giggles and life we shared !

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6 responses to “Childhood Friend

  1. thanks da…..

  2. super!!! and very true.

  3. That is such a nice write up 🙂
    Pssst. You broke all the pieces of the dinner set??! :O

    Thanks Shail ! 🙂
    Hmm… That really happenend . My father patted me and said it doesn’t matter and to be careful the next time !! I think that is why I couldn’t forgive myself after all these years !

  4. Lovely post! Am all nostalgic now!

    Thank you Vidya ! This post happened when I was trying to put a caption for an old snap . So it breathed its life from Nostalgia 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my blog . And come often 🙂

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