An extract from Ruby’s answer sheet !

Q. For certain reason you had to walk upside down on a particular day . Write a paragraph on how you spent that day . (120-150 words ) (7 marks )

This year he has a very generous teacher . What makes me happy is he has started to write down his thoughts . And that is a great step to us.

7 responses to “An extract from Ruby’s answer sheet !

  1. Wow, he is good at writing unlike my son who is still struggling with organizing his thoughts . By the way what grade is he now. He deserves 61/2 way to go Ruby

    • Priya,

      He is in fourth grade . This year only he started to write down what goes in his mind . And it was really an effort to make him believe in his words and thoughts . And I am indebted to his resource teacher for this . Last time when I met her I had particularly asked her about this problem ( he wouldn’t write any thing more than three worded sentences and that too at the most two or three sentences ).From what I understood ever since she has been working on it more than the spellings. The criteria are the same as you have described earlier about the brown bear .

      And his class teacher is also very considerate . Their strategy is to give kids key positions in the class and thus shake off the shyness and bring them to the front. So this year Ruby was appointed as the class leader ( for a month ) , library leader ( for a year ) , and also as active member in many other groups. All these helped a lot to boost his confidence and gained him friends or at least contacts . ( As you would know it is a bit difficult to break the low self esteem of dyslexic kids )
      She told me they decide what to do after consulting with the resource on the weaknesses of the child. And whether he write correctly or not he would not lose marks for spellings for board exams . Any way his spelling has improved a lot after I stopped worrying about it . And from the answer sheet you can see the effort taken by the teacher not to correct the mis spelt words . And I appreciate her for that more than anything.

      Add to this the support given by the family . My Sis and Bro have been there to help me with every step . And my BIL and SIL . They have been constantly encouraging him with their comments and praises . Ruby and Pearl has a blog where they update their activities once in a while . I think that is where it started . He doesn’t really like to write . But he don’t mind to type . And gradually he got the confidence I think.

      I was really surprised to see this answer sheet . Because when I saw the qn. paper I thought he would lose all the seven marks . I did not even think he knew 150 words all together . Much less how to use them. 😀 ( and he secured A+ for all the subjects which I did not highlight becoz that is not the ultimate aim and it will send false messages )

      Priya, Your son is far too younger . I think he needs some more time to break the Chrysalis and spread his beautiful wings. I am an ardent fan of all the works you do with your kids . Thanks for the appreciation you have given to my son’s write up . I will convey it to him 🙂

  2. is he an upcoming writer???oh…wat an imagination..

  3. Ha ha !!! He doesn’t know I have scanned his answer sheet . He usually doesn’t like to show case his hand written works 😀

  4. Wonderful imagination. Way to go Ruby! BTW I am waiting to tell my son about this other Ruby I have come across! 🙂

    You have mentioned that Ruby does not mind typing. One of my friend’s son, also dyslexic was like that too. He was happy with the computer but was a bit averse to writing.

    Thanks Shail ! I will convey it to him .
    haha ! That would make Two rubies !!
    He likes to type and enjoys the spell corrector . Howz your friend’s son doing now ? Just curious 🙂

  5. He is a sweetheart. Hugs from Swaram aunty 🙂

  6. Hugs going right way 😀

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