Missing my letters

Hubby mentions he would rather I write letters to him than to the whole world .

I was trying to clear a point to him which I always seem to do since we got married when he suddenly tells me why can’t I write a letter about it  , that way he would get the correct picture .  When I think about it there is something in what he says .

For the last one and half years I had been busy with blogging that I haven’t written any letter to him except the posts here in ‘Heartbeats’ .

You may think it weird to write to your hubby who lives with you almost 24 hours a day . He works from home . But that is our way . He would find letters in his cup board , break fast table , or the least an sms on his mobile . Once he threatened me if I write any more letters he would show it to my parents  😀

Like it happens to so many people the love letters I wrote him after we got engaged brought to light my passion for writing . He was the one who identified I have a way with writing and that I should work on it .

I owe him every word on this blog . If you look at it from a wider angle it is a letter . A big letter which unfolds my life .

Once in these days when I landed on the earth from the world of blogging I found that my house and home needs me more . So I decided to take a break for a while and to spend even more time with my kids and their father .

I always thought I would be bored to death if I unhooked myself from the world of internet . All my acquaintances are  in the virtual world . Or they are the only ones I have . But to my great surprise I wasn’t bored even for a second . Each of my family had some thing to share with me.

We did a lot of snuggling , reading , cooking , craft work , watched movies and TV shows , frequented the park….

And even though it would be treated as a crime by Indiblogger rating I am enjoying it 😀

7 responses to “Missing my letters

  1. Haha! You are right on about the Indiblogger rating! If you blog everyday your rank goes up! 😛

    BTW, before jumping on the blogging bandwagon in 2006, all I had done had been write letters to the L & M for close to 22/23 years 😉 But of course most of those years were spent apart he being an Infantry man 🙂

    I am glad yo enjoyed your time away form the blogging world too. 🙂

  2. Shail , What makes me happy is he do look forward to my letters how ever silly they may be ! And that is an achievement being the evasive self he is !!!

    I am sure L&M had a great time reading those letters …:D

    • Yeah, he got long letters from me and all I got in return were short one! 😦 😉
      But, in al the years we stayed apart, the most important personality in our lives was the postman of the place! Haha.

  3. I’d like to comment on your “So I decided to take a break for a while and to spend even more time with my kids and their father .”

    I have read some where that no one in his death bed ever complained that he had not spent enough time in his office. I believe no one will ever complain that one had not spent enough time on the computer either.

    Do spend as much time as possible with your family. I have five children and when they were young I worked late in my office including weekends. Of course my boss was very happy with my work and rewarded me handsomely but thinking back I should have spent more time with my children as I believe if I had asked them if they wanted me to make more money or spend more of my time with them they would have answered…

    Now 4 of my children are away from home and I hardly get to see them. My daughter who is now with us will leave for further studies next year and then…

  4. You are so true , Luqman !
    But seldom parents realise it when they are young and smart . They never think that the stage of childhood will pass too fast for them to notice and soon kids would be on their own way .

    My wishes for your daughter’s higher studies !!

  5. Awww… that is just so sweet!!! I’ve hardly ever written a letter to the hujband. But yes, the internet is truly addictive, and sometimes I find myself simply hooked onto it from morning till noon!! Such a waste of time. These days, I voluntarily turn off the lappy so there’s no chance to waste time on the net 🙂 Though, I have to admit, I do log right back in at the slightest opportunity.

    LOL @ ‘…treated as a crime by Indiblogger rating…’ – how true!!! That’s why you should jump onto the bandwagon of Wordless Weds and Thurs Challenges!!

  6. Try it out Pal! And you would wonder at the results a letter can bring 🙂

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