Sister of my heart

I had gone to the library with so much enthusiasm to get ‘Palace of illusions’ by Chitra Banerjee . Review of the book by Pal really knocked me off. But I could find only ‘Sister of my heart ‘. We were to go for a two day function and I was in one of my melancholic self when I miss my sister and brother the most. Anything to keep my mind engaged was welcome .

I like Bengali literature mainly because of its similarity to Kerala culture .

Sister of my heart is the story of two girls – cousins  ( Sudha and Anju ) . I think it is story of Sudha more than that of Anju . Even though it is interspersed with fairly tales the emotions are so real and catching.

Situations where you don’t know what to do. Instances where you decide to sacrifice yourself for loved ones and come up with nothing . Moments which reveal you can never walk back your life and you cannot relive it .

I really got into the novel. I think it will take a few days to shake it off from me .

The suspense in the novel is a bit shallow. Any body can guess it .

And Sunil carrying the handkerchief all the way to America is a bit too dramatic. If he is a crook he would not find it important and if he realises the infatuation he will not let himself carried away . From what I felt his character is vague . May be I am not getting a full picture.

The character I like most is Pishi . I despise people who want a woman or a man to spend their life alone and in doom because some thing terrible happened in their life . I think it is upto individual decision . We don’t have any right to say other people should spend their life in darkness with out any one to hold on to.

And I just can’t understand how a woman cannot recognise her husband whom she married out of love . I am not giving the plot away . But I can’t help wondering .

5 responses to “Sister of my heart

  1. I want to read this toooooooooooo…………… Thanks for posting, Ashwathy!

  2. I simply loved this book. Of course I found Sunil’s behaviour bizarre. I mean, the way he meets Anju and what happens later on somehow did’t quite gek with me. Apart from that, I loved the novel Yes, I loved Pishi too.
    Have you read Chitra Divakaruni’s collection of short stories?? One of the short stories is about Anju and Sudha. I read that first and when I came to the relevant part in the novel I kept wondering where I had read this before!
    Vine of Desire continues the story of Anju and Sudha. But it was sort of disappointment for me. But otherwise I am a great fan of Ms Divakaruni’s books. I have read, Queen of Dreams, Mistress of Spices and both the collection of short stories. Of course the book I like best is Palace of Illusions 🙂 She writes poetry too, though I haven’t read any as yet.

  3. gel not gek* 😛

  4. Exactly Shail. It doesn’t fit 🙂
    No, I haven’t read any other books of her . But looking forward to.

    I think Jumpa Lehri gazes from America- to – Calcutta and Chitra Banerjee the other way round 🙂
    She is also my favourite .

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