A Priceless praise .

Last week I met Ruby’s science teacher and she told me he is one of the most gifted artists in her class. She specifically talked about the splendid ideas in his paintings . I could see him beaming and cannot thank her enough for her kind words.
Besides all the compliments from the family Ruby always thinks of himself as a poor artist . Add to it off hand comments from class mates and problems with fine motor skills. Now that he has overcome it his ideas are taking beautiful shapes . And my heart fills with joy to see his paintings.

He is making a wide variety of things with the play dough as if there is magic in his hands and it has become almost impossible to beat him in  jig-saw puzzles.

Last year I was worried what his skills were and how I should support him. I was lost . Then I decided to give him time . To let him free so that his interests would surface on its own .

Now when I ask him his opinion about painting classes he confidently tells me he wants to follow his drawing master in school for a while .

2 responses to “A Priceless praise .

  1. Excellent Ash. I can imagine how proud and happy you must have felt. God bless you and your family! You are a super great mom 🙂

  2. Thanks Pal,
    I am so happy for him. He may be a great artist or not but more than any thing , I want him to be proud of himself .

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