Why Phonics ?

Pearl is convinced that we are all reading English incorrectly.She cannot understand why we are saying ‘fone ‘ for ‘pone’ and ‘filips’ for ‘pilips’.She even says her phonics book should be read as ‘ ponic book ‘ and not otherwise . She is happy that she has finally discovered it and saved the mankind from wrong pronunciation.

So today we are reading a lot of ‘ph’ words and stories and Ruby is playing ‘Garfield’s spelling and vocabulary’ CD with her.

Ever since I learned Ruby has this problem I have been raking my brain to remember how I learned reading . I have a few images of my parents and Aunts reading to me from books . Then it is me reading alone . I don’t even remember reading to my sis or bro.

From what I understood while talking to my friend who is teaching KG, only the individual sounds and initial word families are introduced in detail to the kids . From there most of the kids or all most all of them take it themselves naturally. The spelling differences and exceptions and all will be learned unknowingly in due course. Parents can facilitate this by reading to the child and encouraging them to read themselves .

But this does not happen for a dyslexic child . He always depends on the sounds for the spelling . So we have to make them familiar with all word families and exceptions . There are so many rules for the exceptions as well.

In short , teaching phonics will help a normal and gifted child to learn to read more easily and quickly while it will help a dyslexic child to overcome his difficulty at an earlier age .

Now that Pearl is also hitting the reading age I have been thinking whether I should teach her phonics or not . Reading and writing is something she is very interested in . But none of us learned phonics to start reading .Then my friend Urmi also came up with the same question. Here in this post I am just thinking out loud . If any of you can throw some more light on the topic you are welcome.

6 responses to “Why Phonics ?

  1. I taught my son to read using phonics. Even-though I am dyslexic and cannot sound out the vowels properly, I still managed to use a lot of interactive programs to teach him phonics. I honestly think that kids especially boys should be taught the phonics method. Girls brain has a unique capacity to understand phonetic patterns by just reading whole word families.

  2. But then Priya, you are above usual standards . Hard working Mom . I always envy your capacity 🙂
    What you said could be true . My daughter is more inquisitive when it comes to words and spellings.
    But till date my son has never asked me any such doubts other than to spell out words which he can’t. For me it is easy to remember the spelling rather than the rules . So confusing 😦
    Now I am teaching DD as it comes . Yesterday she asked about ‘ch’ words .

  3. I don’t have a clue about this, Ashwathy!!! My kid does not seem to grasp what phonics is about, or perhaps I’m teaching it the wrong way. But yeah, I’ve left it to his school teachers to do the needful!!! If I get any info on this, would definitely share with you 🙂 U r a super mom, btw 🙂

  4. Pal,
    Then we are on the same boat Yaar !
    As you might have noticed this is an extract from our conversation On Face book . I decided to post it here becoz I always thought I am the only one having problem with phonics . It is a bit difficult for me to teach in a systematic way all on my own . 😦
    Thankfully the resource help at school is doing a great work with Ruby .
    I didn’t teach Pearl any phonics for fear that I would do more damage than good .
    If ur son doesn’t find it interesting you can just wait Pal. It wouldn’t hurt . And you can follow the school for reading lessons . That is what I am doing now .
    Meanwhile you can read a lot of stories to him and collect materials on phonics on the go . This way you will be ready when he starts it at school . I am sure they have a lot of stuff at U.k . The golden star books are really good .
    Even then don’t push . It is important . Just make him familiar with books and pics . He will start reading them when he is ready .
    It always happens with the first child bcoz we don’t know what to expect . I assure you it was even more worse for me.

  5. one ques..is it so difficult to bring up a kid…im getting scared now…

  6. Dear Sali,
    You need not worry . Kunju will lead you . You just have to follow . 🙂

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