While preparing kids for exams

  • Do not scold the child.
  • Maintain a calm environment .
  • Do not try to teach . It has to be done earlier . You will only confuse the kid. Just revise.
  • Give lots of veggies and fruits to eat .
  • Enough water and juice to keep the brain hydrated .
  • Enough sleep .
  • A small nap or a brisk walk to recharge . Break every 45 minutes.
  • Double check the pencil box, instrument box and other things needed.
  • Maintain a short list of frequently mistaken questions and words for quick review in the morning .

6 responses to “While preparing kids for exams

  1. Will keep this in mind 🙂 ATB for you and your sonny boy!

  2. Phew, I am past this stage. But while I was there, I followed these ground rules too 🙂

  3. hmm.. It is more or less a reminder to me 😀

    next term I may forget what I should do.

  4. Hi Aswathy, What amazing advice. And timely too as my little devils (one is in the 8th and one is in the 3rd) are in the middle of their half yearly exams. It’s all so confusing now, with all the CBSE syllabus changes and what not!

  5. Exactly ! So confusing that even teachers are confused . 🙂
    8th std ! So you know ur grounds .
    Insist on learning every day portions . That is the best thing to do with CBSE . 8th is a bit tricky isn’t it ? beginning of Teens ? Wonder what state I would be in when my kids reach there 🙂

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