The photographer

Mysore Palace ( March 2010 )

Ever since I have known, Ruby has been intersted in taking photos rather than posing for them

I have never tried to explain to him how any gadget works or which are the buttons that are to be used . But he knows them all as though he has got the manual inside his head . Be it a mobile or a camera he is most relaxed while using it .

He never thinks a lot about the lighting or the posing . He is a natural . So when I want to take a scenery I just give him my camera and ask him to take a snap for me .

He has yet to explore this taste and talent . It was keeping that in my mind I posted him the official photographer of my blog . I dont know where this will take us . But I like to dive into the unknown and see what comes up.

Athirapally Water falls . Snap taken by Ruby ( Sep 2010)

3 responses to “The photographer

  1. That’s a nice picture. One question. Who is Ruby??

  2. Shail , Welcome to my blog . Ruby is my son ( 9 yrs ). In some posts u may find his real name . I havent finished changing the names .:-D

  3. Aswathy Venugopal

    good goin.. 😀

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