I am convinced !

Last week we had gone for a trip to Athirapally waterfalls . Like all our trips and almost everything in our life it was an impulsive decision . Five minutes we were thinking what we should do on the holiday ,  and in half an hour we were on our way to Athirapally along with our friends.

We came back the next day refreshed by the unexpected break and plunged into the daily routines . I did some serious  reorganising in the house to mark the start of second term .

The problem is hubby’s new spectacles are missing . With special lenses and all it had cost him a fortune . We searched everywhere . Under the cabins , inside the bags , inside the car , called every body who had come across , and checked every where hubby had gone these two three days .

Our only clue was the photo taken on our way back . In the snap Hubby has got his glasses .

That cuts off the beautiful villa where we had stayed and the cascade where we had spent our day .

Retracing our trip, I thought of the restaurant where we had stopped in between . As he uses the glasses mostly to drive there are chances he may just keep it somewhere when not driving.So I googled the net to find out the restaurant’s phone no. Hubby called up and talked to the cashier . Something he wouldn’t have done if it wasn’t his precious glasses .

To our great joy they had a pair of glasses which matched our description . So yesterday night itself we went to check it out . But to our dismay it was not the one we were looking for .Back home I searched the house more vigilantly but couldn’t find the glasses . I asked hubby about the box where I usually keep his glasses . It was also missing .

In a jiffy he was back with the glasses .

He found them from under the desk top monitor. Safely tucked in by me, so that he can easily get hold of them when using the computer .I could have just looked under the monitor while googling for the phone number of Aryas and saved the day .

I am convinced that the transformation is finally complete !  I am an internet freak and less human !

7 responses to “I am convinced !

  1. LOL!!! Super, Ash. Atleast you found them finally!!!

  2. hmm .. unlike me hubby has a clear memory . So I was wondering why he couldn’ t remember where he kept it .

    No need to write about my memory skills . I think I don’t have any memory cells except for remembering words and emotions . Or they are surely mixed up .

    Becoz It is a task for me to remember where I keep things. ( ” when , where , what , why ? ‘ every thing is a haze )
    Especially bills and documents . If I misplace them from their usual place then I am doomed . 😀

  3. Ha ha Krishna. Nice one. It happens many times to me. In fact, I am one step ahead. I have my spectacles on my head and I search for them. Thankfully, the spells don’t last longer than a few minutes before I realize the funny situation! And feel so dumb about it all!

  4. hunting for my spectacles is in fact a part of my daily routine 😀

  5. Sigh, happens to me too sometimes. I keep something away carefully and search for that very thing.

  6. 😀 join the club !
    Most of my time is wasted on trying to find things I have kept carefully:-(

  7. Aswathy Venugopal


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