Giftedness and LD

Until recently I thought both Giftedness and LD are one and the same .

How foolish, isn’t it ?

While we did the assessment for Ruby last year , the special educator had just briefed me on his IQ level . His mental IQ level is 140 which would have put him in the gifted range . But his expression IQ ie . Reading and writing skills are far below . Just around 90. But they highlighted mainly the learning disability .

Even then , taking the average he falls in the bright normal range (119 ) which is also above the average population .

Wechsler’s classification

Classification IQ Limits Percent Included
Very Superior 128 and over 2.2
Superior 120-127 6.7
Bright Normal 111-119 16.1
Average 91-110 50
Dull Normal 80-90 16.1
Borderline 66-79 6.7
Defective 65 and below 2.2

When I went to the resource at school also , the teacher wanted to list him among the gifted kids . They did not say anything about the disability. So some how I got this misconception that they are both the same . I thought they were just synonyms for being 2E ( twice exceptional).

I didn’t know there are kids who have a gifted complex brain just like that of a dyslexic and at the same time don’t have any of the problems.

( I never cared about IQ tests as a student because I never scored good or even average 😛 )

Then during one of our virtual conversations, I happened to send my son’s IQ results to my  Blogger friend and homeschooler Priya .

Having an IQ of 140 puts him above 99.5 % of the population . The imbalance in the expression skills and other salient symptoms of dyslexia along with the giftedness is what created all the confusions and frustrations during his childhood.

This has lead me to an entire new area . Earlier I concentrated more on the disability part . Now only I started looking out for the signs of giftedness in my son . And they are all there .

” The giftedness mask the disability and the disability masks the giftedness . ”

Because of this Dyslexic kids always get categorised in the mediocre group . Whenever I ask his teachers they say he is okay . Because they have kids who are far expressive and capable than him and because there are more kids who are worse than him .

Priya’s revelation was something new to me .  Now that I am preparing him for the exams I am relaxed . I know he can handle it and much more .  And he will do well.

7 responses to “Giftedness and LD

  1. Wow!!! you are a fantastic mom, and an inspiration!!!! such a positive post, and I’m soo happy for u 🙂

    • Pal, You are also an inspiration to me in so many ways . I believe in the invisible thread of karma . Some people even if they are far away influence you like somebody you have known forever .

  2. Hello Aswathy, I am new to your blog, your posts are amazing…. you are an amazing mother….You are an inspiration to all the mothers :)….Hats off to you….


    • Hi Dimple ,

      Thanks for all those nice comments . I am just an usual Mom . Just like all of you . Trying to find out what is best for her kids . You find me amazing becoz you can see you in me . And I have no doubt you are also an amazing Mom .

      A huge welcome to my blog !!!

  3. Aswathy,

    I am glad you are learning about 2E. That is why I told you once that you are concentrating too much on his disability and not looking at the gifted part.
    He lacks expression that is all, but his mind is still gifted and thinks like a gifted kid, except he will not be able to express his taught in a way people can understand.
    I this era spelling and penmanship all is nothing when you consider the connections these kids can make in their brains. That is what his strength is and that is what will make him shine and that is what his interest will be. Nurture that part, don’t leave it, because Indian schools fail to do that job

  4. Priya,

    yes, life is a journey . You can understand him better . Sometimes it is just impossible for me to get the big picture . Dyscalculia devil reigns !!!

    When we intervened two years back , it was necessary to take care of his problems with reading and writing and other social skills becoz he was so depressed then .

    I needed to boost his confidence and make him believe in himself .

    And as you said school is not a great place for these kids . He thinks himself as studious and you can think of the peer pressure when he scores even zero for his dictations . Right now I am not doing anything about it. I only assure him that he will soon be able to overcome it .

    His expression problem also means he frequently gets into problems and don’t know how to explain his stand . I just can’t figure out how detention will bring out the positiveness in a child when they can be easily reached otherwise . Sometimes you feel so helpless about this whole system .

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