Reading at Krishnaleela

As a mother to a dyslexic child one of the most frequent problem I faced was my son’s difficulty in reading .

But somewhere in between he developed a passion for reading . It would be easier to say his quest for knowledge eventually took better off his difficulty to read . One fine day we realised that he has become a voracious reader  . Now when I look back I cannot point out exactly when the transition occured .  But I can tell you it happened after I stopped dragging him to read something and after I stopped correcting and checking on him .

Since then we find every silly reason to buy books . We buy books for our weekend shopping , holidays , birthdays , trips.. in short  for almost anything . In addition to this, we officially add on books to our library once or twice a month .

I have a network of old book shops in the town from where kids select their books. And some other trendy book shops like Paico , H&C , Reliance , DC books . The categories include their current interests . It could be a movie , cartoon , science , fiction , stories I tell them , their class topics , skits or anything .

A couple of  years back, before I knew anything about dyslexia once Ruby had to sing a prayer for a function . So that he would not forget the verses I wrote it down for him . Actually he knew the poem by heart . But was not able to read it out and made a mess . When I think about it now , my heart goes out for him .

From there we have come a long way . As hyperactive energietic kids it was very difficult to manage them when we go out . When I go for shopping or for some thing important they carry their favourite books along with them .

My heart swelled with pride when I saw him reading the Flag salutation at a ceremony without any mistake . It was his first attempt at reading in Public. And that it was to salute the national flag just doubled my joy . When they asked him to read it I didn’t want to put him in pressure once more . But he took it as a challenge and proved himself . I am so proud of him.

Now wherever we go every body asks me about Ruby’s reading habit . Because  it is impossible to spot him without a book in his hand  . Earlier I used to stop and explain to them in detail about the difficulty he has and how we are trying to overcome it or how he has improved . I needed assurance that he is doing well or that he would improve . But now I accept it with a smile . I learned from my experience that the most important thing to do is to believe in your child . Give them the freedom to do what they like to do . Follow them instead of making them follow you . Then they will excel.

He claims himself as a silent reader . Even now it is difficult for him to read names and unseen words  . If you ask him to read aloud you will hear a lot of jargon . But then , he understands the content superbly and that is what matters .

Yes, I know …..miles to go ….

3 responses to “Reading at Krishnaleela

  1. Hats off to you, Ash, for encouraging your boy and making him so confident!!! It matters so much, and your son will thank you for it from the bottom of his heart some day 🙂

  2. haha Pal, you make me all teary 😉

  3. Please read my blog and write to me.
    Luqman Michel

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