I am that mom !

Got all inspired by Tiff’s post which was inspired from  Ronnie‘s blog carnival .

Here is mine !

I am that Mom who simply loves to sing and dance with her kids

I am that Mom who loves to watch movies with them

I am that Mom who loves to hang out with them. Just the kids way .

I am that Mom who loves to enjoy her childhood once again along with her kids.

I am that Mom who loves to linger at the Toy shop along with the kids thinking how to spend the pocket money.

I am that Mom who stands with her kids no matter whatever trouble they are in.

I am that Mom who will see through it silently when her kids behave in the most unexpected way and every body else expect her to do something

I am that Mom who loves to hug and kiss her kids and get the word across rather than giving long long lectures .

Note : When I changed my parenting style a couple of years before it received a lot of questioning eyes . It was a tough decision to believe in my kids and ignore the usual norms . It was an effort to let the mother in me go to the back and to let the child in me be free .

The responsibility of my motherhood had become a menace to me , my kids and their father .Then one fine day I decided to change myself . To stop and see the beauty and happiness this world can give us . To enjoy every moment of my life along with my family . And here we are ! Instead of following the usual rules and regulations we set our rules . And I never had to look back again !

23 responses to “I am that mom !

  1. This is so beautiful! Thank you for contributing to our carnival!

  2. “Then one fine day I decided to change myself . To stop and see the beauty and happiness this world can give us . To enjoy every moment of my life along with my family .”

    This exactly. Great post!

    • I am a pefectionist . It is impossible for me to relax if something is amiss .

      But now I have freed myself from it 😀

      Whatever may come tomorrow I have decided to enjoy today 😀

  3. Absolutely fantastic.

  4. Wow!!!! Cant tell you enough, about how inspiring you are!!

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  6. awesome post

  7. Hey you dont cease to inspire me. I had posted on the thread of hyperactive kids on orkut, and thats how i got the link to ur blog. This page is wonderful. i strongly believe in what you say, but get back to square one and keep reprimanding my daughter every other day. A confession that i would really like to be like how you have mentioned on this page, but somehow i am not able to…. thats the most unfortunate thing… Neverthless your posts and blogs get me back on my path and bring back the focus, seriously. Thanks… Tell your children I am a big fan of their mother’s.

    • Nivedita ,

      Yes I remember you . Hope your little girl is doing fine .

      I would like to tell you something . It is perfectly okay to get back to square one . You are getting back to track as soon as you realise it . That is the positive part . And it would take some time to get through it . I also had the same issues . But as time went on the negative bouts decreased and eventually disappeared .

      What I would tell you is to talk with your child a lot . Just start on some subject and gradually make her talk. Just be careful don’t to over talk . Make her talk. Laugh with her a lot . even for silly things.

      And if you want to say something seriously make it short . eye to eye . May be hold on to the shoulders . Ask her if she understood what you said . Or if she has some other options or suggestions . That is the trick . That way they will take it more seriously .

      There was a time when it was difficult to make my kids listen to me . But now I wonder why I ever had to do that . One day you will also reach there and wonder . Just be your cool self . Don’t make a big deal of it if it wouldn’t affect the child much in the long run . Like if she wants to watch a TV program out of her time let her watch it . But say what you think is correct . Next time adjust her time accordingly.

      Some thing I do is do it along with them . Like if I want them to sit and colour , instead of asking them to do so I would start to paint something and pretend to enjoy it very much . Just the Tom sawyer way 😉

      When I want them to clean up the room , I do it visibly enjoying it and tell them how I hate messy rooms and how I love it when my room is in order .

      Don’t make it a rule that they should do it . Make it a principle . And kids will follow you with out you knowing it . Say in 6 months time .

      Hope all this would help you . And thanks for all the compliments 😀 XoXoXO

    • Hi
      You have proved once again from your reply that you are a great mom. And thanks for the practical tips… I will take a special effort to implement them…

  8. Hai….

    Excellent post. It happened to me as well. When i was rigid and rule oriented and bothered about about every move of my son the world with him was definitely not like the one that an enjoying now with him after i got out of all this rules and restrictions……now we enjoy each and every moment and i see a sea through change in his attitude, his behaviour, his learning capabilities, eating patterns….n much more…….i willd ef not look bac again.

  9. Gayatri ,

    I perfectly understand what you say ! 😀

    Same with my kids !!! 😀 😀

  10. gr8!!!!!!!! Ur post inspires n motivates me n I can relate to it.

  11. u r a greato greato mom..i hate myself at times for going to office leaving behind my feverish kiddo at care center..not sure im doing rite..dono i can ever be a lovely mom like u..feel so proud of u wen i hear siva saying my mom does these things better..love u
    u rock as always..

  12. Lovely post and the pic goes with it so well 🙂

  13. Thank you Swaram 😀 It is one of my favourite snap 😀

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