The Birthday boy !!

This year we decided to celebrate Ruby’s birthday differently . As a rule we celebrate two birthdays .

As Pearl puts it one is the cake Birthday following the English month when they take sweets to the school and all , cut cakes Western style . The other is the Payasam Birthday when we go to temple . Make traditional foods . This is the  birthday more or less their Grand parents celebrate .

This year  instead of partying with his friends we went to Oberon mall . One of their favourite hang outs … Now a days kids wanna celebrate their Birthdays the funky way !

And we had a great time there . Video games and sorts aren’t my things . May be because I don’t score good . It is their father who gives them company . And yesterday it was so crowded I didn’t even care to take a snap.

What attracts me to Oberon Mall  is the Reliance’s book shop they have there . I think I have become a maniac. The only thing I wanted to buy was the Amarchithra Katha series ! ( But it fills my heart with joy when I see Ruby reading it all through the night  )

And we tried food from almost every counter in the food court . Any way a Pizza is enough to knock out Ruby !

It is very easy to please Ruby. But it is not the case with Pearl . Every day she prepares for her birthday like it is the next day .

Ruby got a pair of roller skates as his present . Of course Pearl also gets one . We don’t dare to come home without a present for her .

In the morning they are busy counting and recounting and distributing the sweets !

Pearl wants some extra chocolates for her friends becoz she couldn’t give them enough on her birthday last year as she had to give some to Ruby then !!!!!

I want to video tape all of it as I know Childhood is just slipping by .

With Ruby’s Birthday I celebrate my Motherhood and with Pearl’s birthday I celebrate my childhood and teens !

One response to “The Birthday boy !!

  1. such alovely snap..n see siva with his all time favorite pizza..haha

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