New soil , new sun …..

Well, I am no good with changes . It is very difficult for me to adjust with them .

After we changed our house last time , it took me almost three years to call it, home without thinking twice .

Here I am now, trying to replant myself to the new settings ..

It was with great effort that I learned to love the solitude that surrounded me .

I followed almost everything that interested me . Gardening, reading , photography , internet , and  a lot of other things so that I wouldn’t be having even a single moment to sit down and think that I don’t have anything to do .

But now the scenario has changed a bit . I don’t get much time to myself .

I think it is time to set a new set of resolutions . It is time to digg out my old cam and see around . And time to start some physical .

This is just a pilot post . Something to confront the writer’s block . To figure out what is it that is keeping me away from my blog . The place I love just like my home .

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