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I am that mom !

Got all inspired by Tiff’s post which was inspired from  Ronnie‘s blog carnival .

Here is mine !

I am that Mom who simply loves to sing and dance with her kids

I am that Mom who loves to watch movies with them

I am that Mom who loves to hang out with them. Just the kids way .

I am that Mom who loves to enjoy her childhood once again along with her kids.

I am that Mom who loves to linger at the Toy shop along with the kids thinking how to spend the pocket money.

I am that Mom who stands with her kids no matter whatever trouble they are in.

I am that Mom who will see through it silently when her kids behave in the most unexpected way and every body else expect her to do something

I am that Mom who loves to hug and kiss her kids and get the word across rather than giving long long lectures .

Note : When I changed my parenting style a couple of years before it received a lot of questioning eyes . It was a tough decision to believe in my kids and ignore the usual norms . It was an effort to let the mother in me go to the back and to let the child in me be free .

The responsibility of my motherhood had become a menace to me , my kids and their father .Then one fine day I decided to change myself . To stop and see the beauty and happiness this world can give us . To enjoy every moment of my life along with my family . And here we are ! Instead of following the usual rules and regulations we set our rules . And I never had to look back again !

The Birthday boy !!

This year we decided to celebrate Ruby’s birthday differently . As a rule we celebrate two birthdays .

As Pearl puts it one is the cake Birthday following the English month when they take sweets to the school and all , cut cakes Western style . The other is the Payasam Birthday when we go to temple . Make traditional foods . This is the  birthday more or less their Grand parents celebrate .

This year  instead of partying with his friends we went to Oberon mall . One of their favourite hang outs … Now a days kids wanna celebrate their Birthdays the funky way !

And we had a great time there . Video games and sorts aren’t my things . May be because I don’t score good . It is their father who gives them company . And yesterday it was so crowded I didn’t even care to take a snap.

What attracts me to Oberon Mall  is the Reliance’s book shop they have there . I think I have become a maniac. The only thing I wanted to buy was the Amarchithra Katha series ! ( But it fills my heart with joy when I see Ruby reading it all through the night  )

And we tried food from almost every counter in the food court . Any way a Pizza is enough to knock out Ruby !

It is very easy to please Ruby. But it is not the case with Pearl . Every day she prepares for her birthday like it is the next day .

Ruby got a pair of roller skates as his present . Of course Pearl also gets one . We don’t dare to come home without a present for her .

In the morning they are busy counting and recounting and distributing the sweets !

Pearl wants some extra chocolates for her friends becoz she couldn’t give them enough on her birthday last year as she had to give some to Ruby then !!!!!

I want to video tape all of it as I know Childhood is just slipping by .

With Ruby’s Birthday I celebrate my Motherhood and with Pearl’s birthday I celebrate my childhood and teens !

New soil , new sun …..

Well, I am no good with changes . It is very difficult for me to adjust with them .

After we changed our house last time , it took me almost three years to call it, home without thinking twice .

Here I am now, trying to replant myself to the new settings ..

It was with great effort that I learned to love the solitude that surrounded me .

I followed almost everything that interested me . Gardening, reading , photography , internet , and  a lot of other things so that I wouldn’t be having even a single moment to sit down and think that I don’t have anything to do .

But now the scenario has changed a bit . I don’t get much time to myself .

I think it is time to set a new set of resolutions . It is time to digg out my old cam and see around . And time to start some physical .

This is just a pilot post . Something to confront the writer’s block . To figure out what is it that is keeping me away from my blog . The place I love just like my home .

Exercise and Back Pain

Exercise and Back Pain.

The Love story .

The last month I didn’t have access to net and my world revolved around books . I was reading like I had gone mad .

In a book reading community I had seen a forum ” the most touching death of characters ” ! There so many people have posted ” Love story by Erich Sehgal

( In my case the death that really caught me is that of ‘ Bonny in Gone with the wind ‘ . Some times I wonder why Margarett Mitchell ever created that character . )

Coming back to the twenty books challenge , I searched for this book  when I went to the library. It was there all worn out and with only a handful of pages . I will finish it in a jiffy . That was the first thing that came to my mind .  I wondered how such a small book can influence these many people . How catching the story would be .

I saw that the book was written in 1975 . hmm… so much time has lapsed . Would it stand the sands of time ?

Usually I dont like to start reading with a prejudiced mind . But in this case I already know the main character will die . So I didn’t have much hope .

But to my surprise the first sentence of the novel said ‘ what would you say about a girl who died at the age of 23’ . So now on even ground I braced up for the story .

As I expected I finished it in a jiffy . And I was left with a feeling of Dejavu ! I couldn’t exactly figure out the reason.

It took about half an hour for it to dawn on me . An old time hit movie , A trend setter , A heart breaking love story of yester years was inspired from this story .

The songs are all superhit and the caste was superb . Yes , ‘ Madanolsavam‘ ( ‘ The festival of love ‘ ) with Kamal Hasan and Zareena Wahab in the leading roles .

This movie is more special , bcoz it was the first movie for which my parents went together and whenever any song of this movie comes on TV my mother get all emotional and says how my father was moved by the plight  of the heroine and walked out of the theatre without waiting for the movie to end . haha ! So much to go with a movie . I love movies because more or less they denote the time periods in our life .

Nice book.  have a read !