Tooth fairy visits our house ..

It has been two days since Ruby has taken out one of his milk teeth . This time he wants a 5 Rs coin for his teeth and wonders if he will get even a 50ps for such a small teeth. It was one of his canines .

hmm… The tooth fairy will have to keep that in mind !

But he didn’t keep it under his pillow. I thought he threw it away and has grown out of fairy tales.

Then, yesterday I heard him whispering to Pearl that he is going to keep the tooth tonight for the coin followed by a ‘ don’t tell anybody ‘.

I concentrated hard on my stitching work and made mental notes.

As soon as Ruby went out of the room , Pearl came to me and shared the top secret followed by the ‘ don’t tell anybody. ‘

After that without even a moments break , I heard her giggling and running to her father . Of course, top secret !! ( 😯 I am not going to include her in the secret arrangements for Ruby’s b’day next month !   )

Now the Fairy is the only person who doesn’t know about it .

In between , the whole thing slipped out of my mind . By midnight we had a power failure. Ruby got up and checked for his tooth but couldn’t find it !!

ohoh!! The tooth fairy had other important things in her mind !

I asked him to go to sleep and not to check for the tooth in between . No foul plays ! 😮

In the morning luckily tooth fairy remembered about the sweet tooth waiting under the pillow . But couldn’t find any 5 re coin and settled for a 1re coin.

Ruby  got up , found the coin and came to the kitchen .

” What do you have there ? Did you get the 5 re. ” I asked him

” No, It is a 1 re coin .  Mother, 🙄 You get only 1 re coins. That is the rule , you know ?  Isn’t it a wonder that it was not there when I checked in between ? The fairy needs the exact time to change the tooth into coin . After all she has to take the tooth to some place and make a coin out of it . May be she has a factory for this ”

‘ hmm.. the fairy will give gifts only to kids who gets enough sleep . 8 hrs !! No more no less ! ‘ ( After all the 1 re coin was not wasted !)

7 responses to “Tooth fairy visits our house ..

  1. loved it..

  2. Loved it, Aswathy !! 🙂 You have a very nice way with words 🙂

  3. the tooth
    fairy is real

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