Vacation moments

My passion for Jasmine flowers is closely related to my vacation memories.

My recent visit to my Aunt’s house in the country side, brought to my mind beautiful memories of the great evenings  we had when we were younger  and used to spend our holidays together at our Mother’s place .

The evenings busy with collecting  jasmine flowers from all the vines in the yard ………

Making garland using wet plantain threads……….

Careful picks and knots……….

Front yard ……………….. cousins………….small talks …………black coffee…..

Picture Perfect!

3 responses to “Vacation moments

  1. sukku pookettunna!!!enikku vayya 😉

  2. Hey Aswathi,
    Happy Mommy’s Day to you!
    The fragrance of Jasmine is so intoxicating. Your picture makes me miss Kerala soooo much. Great blog, will come back for more.

  3. Thanks and same to you Shirley , I don’t know, but it makes me happy that my blog made you miss kerala. 😉 Changanasserry is a place I like very much . The beauty is mind blowing . My mother’s place is Alleppey. We have to pass thru the highway to go to Pathanamthitta.
    Thanks for the visit , Come again !!

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