Sweet Sweet Vacation

This is one of the songs that reminds me so much of vacations at our mother’s place.

Last year this time I was longing for mangoes  ! This year with the drought I haven’t seen any mangoes and I think this vacation will pass on with out any of them . And I can think only of beaches !!!!!!!

Ruby’s classes will be over today and Pearl’s tomorrow. And we are going to have a vacation welcoming party.

Yesterday night , I asked them both what they would want to do for the vacation. And they have given me a big big list.

When I see both of them playing and running around , I can also see myself as a kid running along with them. Now their favorite is hide and seek.

Ruby is slowly getting into cricket and foot ball. And Pearl is catching up fast . They are busy setting up rules of the game and sort . Discussing in detail about the programs and ads they see.

With all this I can feel that the toddler in the house is also growing out of it. And life is going to get serious.

I just found some old photos from my vacation days .

How I got these photos , I don’t know. But I am such a  hoarder of old odds and ends , some times even I find it weird 😀

We were a great group. Always planning new games . On move from 7 in the morning to 12 in the night. And this was our base. Our neighbour’s house . There were no children there . But the doors were always open to all the kids .

It was a great time. Nothing to worry about other than the game rules and latest movies!

Give me some sunshine …
Give me some rain …..
Give me another chance .. .
I wana grow up once again …

5 responses to “Sweet Sweet Vacation

  1. Life has changed..yeah therez a lot good attached to the change but childhood days r always to be treasured..

  2. aswathy akka..athu unni ano?all of ur looking soo cute and soo innocent..

  3. Yes Smrithi , It’s Unnimon! 🙂

    Sali, Saagaram Doore Oru Vara Pole …. Hahaha

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