The Best All Rounder !

Right from the day she was born , she has been the joy of our heart, and as they say the ‘lamp of our house’.

Describing Pearl is as difficult as describing Ruby , but for different reasons. Spoiled to the last bit by every member of the family , she is her father’s pet .  The Granma of the house , she decides what every body else  should do.

When she started to go to school I wondered how life would change for us. After all most one year , we are here. All set. Pearl has grown into a responsible student.

Nobody has to ask her about her home work. If a work is not finished she will do it the first thing after coming home. ( though some times I have seen her doing it only minutes before the van arrives 😀 Even then she remembers and does it herself. )

She is crazy about projects. For LKG they have very few compulsory projects. But she made me do umpteen number of them. She wanted to make a chart on anything that has been taken. She will not go to sleep unless her chart is finished.

If teacher asked for an object with an alphabet she would take a whole collection. If she cant write down a list for her father she will draw down what all she wants to take to school.

Whenever I ask her, her bag would be packed and in order. She is well organised and knows exactly where is what . She  is the exact opposite of her brother  . Her specialty is spellings . She has a great liking for letters and craft work.

She takes notice of every single thing that happens in the house . Recognises it the minute if some body is moody or not well. Helps me in the kitchen ( even though some times it back fires 😀 )  and with other chores. In any given subject she has her say.

I cannot say that she has gone after me as none of these are my good qualities. All my weaknesses are her strengths. It is only a matter of time when she will over throw me and become the Lady of the house. I wonder!

She helps her dyslexic brother and dyscalculic mother in every way, as much a 5 yr old can. That is why when she came home from school with this , I was dumbfounded! If there was an award giving  at our home I would have given her the same . The Best all rounder 🙂

3 responses to “The Best All Rounder !

  1. thats my baby!!!… awesome… my kisses to her!!

  2. love u sweetie..

  3. Congrats Ash, very well done. God bless the little one 🙂

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