Women’s Day

All these years I tried to defend myself for every single thing and almost gave up . I was afraid if any body will think bad about me . Or will they realise that I only mean good, if I did not explain.
For me the world has always been black and white. Either I love people or I hate them. It is the same for me with every thing . But I can see most of the mankind is happy in the comfortable zone of grey.
As long as I can remember Amma has always tried to teach me this, but in vain. I like to learn every thing the hard way

Then for the last one or two years I concentrated on being myself and didn try to explain to any body the reasons. Didn try to draw line for others as well.

With lot of restraints I learned ……..to keep myself calm and neutral,not to let others’ words or deeds hurt my mind , to Keep going with my style, not to let any body else’s off hand comments interfere with what I know for sure is a fair decision.

And I can see a lot has changed around me.

What I learned is while trying to defend ourselves or trying to make every thing clear we are boosting the other person’s ego and giving them reasons to think that we are the real culprit .

By that we are actually lessening their conscience prick and taking the guilt upon ourselves. Let everybody carry their own burdens. That is the message I have for this Women’s day .

I realised its Women’s day only when I logged in. And I was thinking what I would want to do. I want to freak out. But now I am so caught up with my responsibilities as a mother and a wife I cannot think of anything to do for myself.

Does anybody have some cool resolutions ?????

May be this is also Womanhood !

3 responses to “Women’s Day

  1. chechi..i’m a silent reader of your blog for almost an year now.You are such a gifted writer.I envy Siva and swetha for getting such a wonderful mom like you……Belated Women’s day wishes..take care..

  2. And why do u think u cannot freak out just because you are a mum/wife?
    – Every weekend, I go off by myself for an hour atleast. If only to throw the garbage or to buy milk/grocery! Whatever, its strictly ‘me time’
    – Once in a while, I watch movies/surf the net after everyone has gone to bed.. again, me time!!
    – Once a month, I take my son to the super-store, let him enjoy junk food there and then put him in the trolley and do shopping together with him 🙂
    – Once in a while, don’t cook at all!! Order food , or make hubby do something simple.. like pasta or Maggi noodles. Trust me, it will be fun!
    I think mums deserve a LOT of pampering :-))))))

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