The tale of a mango pickle


Kids plucking mangoes for their grand mother …..

The collected mangoes after so much hard work!!

And here it is ! Yummy home made mango pickle… Granpa’s Special as my father made it ! Enough to tickle Every Malayalee’s Nostalagic Taste bud !

4 responses to “The tale of a mango pickle

  1. oh my god… i feel like having some akka!!! oh…yummmmyyyyyy

  2. I am nagging Appa for the recipe. 🙂

  3. my pickle bottle slid from my hand n broke into pieces..i cudn help crying seeing tht happen…love appa’s pickle like anything..offlate i had started eating anything with pickle…unfortunately my pickle bottle is no more again..:(

  4. OOH Yummy! I can feel the tingly, tart taste on my tongue right now!!
    Your post has left me craving for mango pickle.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope to keep seeing you there:)

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