Word Family Charts

Pearl has started with word families. She is done with ‘at, an, ag,am and ot’ words.

(In addition to the school work I download worksheets from net as well. But be careful . Don’t click and open unfamiliar sites.Here are some of the good ones kid zone , education.com , printable booklets of word families )

She wanted to do a chart on ‘ag ‘ words and when I couldn’t find enough time she made one all on herself.

The chart papers are kept easily accessible for the kids , so she thought her father’s printing papers are more precious and apt for her school chart . Poor girl !

She did this some what at 10 or 11 in the night as she could not sleep without doing the chart .

I was very proud to see it. Even her father was moved. Remembering our earlier experiences with Ruby our heart swell with happiness to see her work on her own.. She has got something with spellings. What makes me even happier is her chart has got a heading , the contents clear and finally her name and class on it . Perfect for a chart. One day she will make a well organised student . I am sure of that.

But sadly , it is not the same with the school ! A chart should be a chart ! And I had to make another chart.

I feel her chart , so painstakingly done with little fingers is priceless when compared to this . I really feel that kids should be appreciated and encouraged for the effort and initiative they take, at least for namesake. Other wise we will have to dig out their works from the waste paper bin, just like I did. (The snap above of is a photostat copy of her work  I had taken. She  cut and pasted  her name and all on to the top .)

The positive thing I learned from this whole episode is even when she does it herself I should guide her and show her how to arrange the spaces in a chart .

( Yesterday I read an article and some of the words caught my eye. Works of kids which only a mother can love. May be this one is also some thing like that. I wonder ! )

One response to “Word Family Charts

  1. oh my baby..she did this!!!!!!so proud of you sweetheart…

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