Random Thoughts

Here the spring or summer or whatever it is , it has started rolling and my jasmines have bloomed . Which means we spend most of our free time gardening and bird watching.

The first blooms of the season " Ithramel manamulla kudamulla poovukalkku ethra kinaakallundaayirikkam Sandyambarathinte mandasmithangalil Avayethra azhakullathaayirikkam ! "

And in the night we have to watch the moon as Siva has to observe and draw different phases of the moon 😀

A view from my terrace

For the time being we are relying mostly on instant food packs ( Except for hubby dear) . It means less work and more happy faces!

I am waiting eagerly for the ‘corn on the cob’ to arrive in the market. Swetha and Me love them steamed and rolled on butter and pepper. yummmm!

I have got a lip smacking chicken stew recipe from one of Amma’s old recipe books. Actually the book is in shreds and with lot of graffiti. But I treasure it. It is like a bible for me. Amma and Appa’s old experiments.

But that also means I cannot copy paste it and have to type the whole thing. The book is in my kitchen and I feel too lazy to get up. May be some other time.

I have threatened Siva that I will make a vegetable porridge if he decides not to eat any vegetables !

It is getting really hot here and I find myself making lime juice again and again Aarrgh!!!!!!!!!!!! . To drink it any time is one thing and to make is another. I am thinking of making some sugar syrup to get me thru summer. Or I will go mad mixing sugar. Or may be I shud learn some of the juice recipes .

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