Gulmohar and Me !

The first Gulmohar treeI ever saw stood near a bridge.There was also a Manchadi and for many years I thought both flowers and seeds came from the same tree.

As kids my sister and I would wait for someone to take us there.We would make big yellow nails with the flowers and play with the manchadi seeds!

The beauty of this flower is unexplainable.

By the time school reopens all those trees on the road side would be in full bloom and it would look like a long bright velvety red carpet rolled out on the top of the trees . I love the green and red combination .

There was a Gulmohar tree at our school also. I can only laugh remembering how we were caught running in the rain collecting those flowers.

The Gulmohar flowers give me the feeling of coming back home after the long holidays, to embrace everything I had left behind.

Those flame-bright flowers always bring with them the sweet smell of soil after the monsoon rain, the smell of new books, school bag and uniform.

For me Gulmohar has been a symbol of all the resolutions I made for the new year . The resolutions were however soon forgotten; long before the flowers wilted.

9 responses to “Gulmohar and Me !

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this, having just learned of the tree for the first time on a silly online game called Farmville. That lead me to other posts you have. All very nice!
    I live in San Antonio, Texas

  3. It seems you are a keralite.Indeed both gulmohar flowers and manchadi seeds were once favorite playing tools for kids.Now computer games and other stuffs have sophisticated kids world.Flowers,soil,old family games,etc are just vanishing from our culture.Well nice post.

    • Thanks Nithin! Except at Guruvayoor now it is very difficult to find a manchadi . Yes , there were so many games we used to play . Now I don’t any kids playing those . 🙂

  4. As for me, Gulmohur reminds me of my very first short story ‘The girl’ in which it played a role 🙂
    Nice write up.

  5. Thanks Sail ! Hurrying to your blog to read the story 🙂 I would love to know how this beautiful tree has influenced others .

  6. Gulmohar is one of my favourites… It always fascinated me to see the tree full of bright red flowers as if its on fire. The individual tiny leaves looked very cute. Thanks for reminding about my favourite Gulmohar, which, I feel symbolises survival instinct…

  7. You should take up writing Niveditha 😀

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