Human Body Chart

Ruby is studying about human body and is most excited about . We got a great book on human body . That too on a very good deal. It is not always that I strike a good deal in a bargain .

He wants to do the chart in the exact ‘ in viva ‘ colours and is driving me crazy. So I had to work out a lot to suggest the colours and reasons.

He has his own ideas of human functioning. And does a lot of reading on his own.

Here is one : The hair in the  nostrils  blocks the dust particles from entering the respiratory system.

Ruby’s version : The hairs in the nostrils is a car park. The dust particles park there while the air goes inside for the shopping. It comes back , gets into the car and goes out. He has got similar stories for every thing.

The intestine didn’t come out well. I forgot how to draw them. And I don’t know where my anatomy books are.

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