Hearing test.

Siva’s English teacher wants to get his hearing checked to make sure that that it is not the root of his spelling problem. And also his inability to answer spontaneously. ( His main spelling problem is with consonant blends. He will just jumble the letters. And when you ask qns he will just stare back. It is sometimes socially so embarrassing )

What the teacher says is he may be having difficulty to identify some syllables . And when I told her about his adenoid problem she was all the more convinced. ( Siva had several bleeding nose episodes and we had to pick him up from school ) .

I very much appreciate her differential diagnotic nature. She also told me it could be that he is converting the picture images in his mind into words that causes the delay. That is really good. You seldom see a teacher who has indepth knowledge about LD.I am grateful that he has teachers who are so keen and insightful.

Sometimes I have personally felt that most of them are so short sighted. When you ask a teacher ‘ how is my child’ ;  they will look into the marks and simply say ; yes, He is good. I don’t think that marks are the ultimate index of a child well being. Our ultimate aim is not make them score good marks.

After school reopening I had so many parents calling me to know about the marks. But I sort of kept low. Not b’coz Siva scored less. He has got fair grades for all the subjects. After following this unschooling principles I don’t feel marks are important anymore.

Coming back to the hearing test , I tried to tell her several times that he has got good hearing.Actually even better than any body in the house. When he was smaller I used to converse in English or Hindi if I wanted to tell anything that he should not hear. But now that is also not possible. May be I will have to learn some other language which he doesn’t know.

But she kept on asking me about the hearing test  over and over again whenever I went to meet her. And with the open house coming in two days I am too ashamed to say again that I haven’t done the tests.

So yesterday three of us went to the ENT . When I told the Doctor about his LD problem and what the teacher wanted , she only had one single question for me. Why did you think your child has LD. Now this is one most difficult qn. I have ever faced . Giftedness is a condition which CANNOT be answered in a one word.

Trying to answer the qn in the shortest way possible I said her about his spelling problems and lazy nature and moodiness. Immediately she jumped to a conclusion. You were being very strict. That is it.

I was really taken aback. May be I was a bit strict with him. But that is not the reason for his problems. .And that is not the reason why he couldn’t read and do things by himself like other kids do .That is not the reason why he suffered a lot in his early years at school.

And getting resource help is not a crime. It is just not bcoz I don’t take proper care of my child.  I always look at it in the positive way. He is having a swell time there . And his spelling and writing skills have really improved with their help.

Whether she wanted to know more about LD kids or  she wanted to know if there was a hearing problem involved I don’t know. Otherwise she was very welcoming. Some tests were done using a tuning fork .Thankfully she says my son’s hearing is okey and we shall do some other tests if the teacher again thinks it could be hearing problem.

But you normal parents out there, I will tell you one thing, Your child do everything on his own, thinks and acts and behaves on his own and you all take it for granted  so much that you will never know how difficult it is to maintain the balance with a dyslexic child.

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