Idle !

I feel so idle and don’t feel like writing . Right now my focus is on organising my house which I do in between, when I care to look around and see what a mess it is. I frequently forget where I keep things. So more than rearranging and organising the sole idea is to remind myself what all things I have kept in each cupboard. There will be so many discoveries and it also a time to throw away things which I have gotten over. One fine day I will stare at any of the cupboard and try to remember what all I have got in there. If  I cannot remember all the shelves I try to find out and it kicks off the whole process .This will take 1-2 weeks, by that time I will get interested in something else which I cannot predict now.

And my plants. However hard I try to stop myself  from planting new plants I cannot do it, just like I cannot switch off my computer. For a week now I have been staring at the computer with nothing particular to do. And just the same I have been staring at my plants with lots and lots of plans but doing nothing. I have been putting the fertilizers and planting new stems. I know this is not the time to plant them. But nothing can be done if my mind is set.

And we did some cooking from my old collection of  cooking recipes which I have not taken for almost three years now. Swetha is slowly getting out of her toddler tantrums and  I hope eventually we will be able to lead a life like normal people.

There are so many resolutions for me this year that I don’t know when I will forget all of them and get carried away by something else. One of the most important is to deal with my low short term memory and to keep focused on what needs to be done. Well, that is the only resolution . Every thing else will fit in that.

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