Black out !

Exams are going on in full swing and both of us are exhausted. Today Ruby has Hindi exam. Saturday , that is three days before we had written all the question answers, meanings and opposites.

Even though he couldn’t remember some of them I should say I was happy with what he did. I marveled how nicely he is writing with minimum spelling mistakes.

After that we tried to learn the difficult ones. We  made a chart and stuck it on the wall.

I was relaxed. We just needed to brush up the note and text.

And yesterday when we sat down to revise, slowly I realised with horror that he doesn’t remember a single word or qn answer or even how to write the alphabets.

He is blank !

His connection with the note and text has been erased. I could feel the emptiness.

With only 2 or 3 hours in hand I didn’t know what could be done. I abruptly stopped the revision. There is no point in going forward. It will only confuse him further.

What will I do if this happen ? Or what will I need to reconnect to my memory ? That was my question. Then I realised the biggest aid will be a visual stimulus supported by an auditory stimulus.

As students , we have tried this while preparing for our physiotherapy exams. Two or three hours before the exam we will all gather and  some body in the group will read out the important points .

If some one has not prepared a certain portion we will briefly explain the points as small chunks for short term memory,  so that the qn. doesn’t have to be left unanswered. ( STM can store the maximum of 7 chunks for a single point , after that the ability to retrieve decreases ).

Every body is to listen keenly and concentrate on the sound. Each of us  will take turns and thus for each topic we will have a different sound memory.

When it comes to remembering, I think sound stimulus is more powerful than the visual memory of printed papers. Especially if what is in the paper doesn’t make much sense.

So instead of asking Ruby to write the  answer I showed him his books , page by page and read it to him loudly and in a relaxed way with emphasis to areas that were difficult to him. Then I send him to sleep. In the morning also I did the same thing.

Now he has gone to school. Whether he will remember them or not , or will he write them all upside down I don’t know. And he may not realise it.  I can see the blankness in his eyes.

Any of these can happen . And I think that is the most frustrating problem with dyslexia.

I wish him ‘ clair voyance ‘ ( clear vision ) !, let him find the correct orientation of letters. And then he will be able to write and complete the exam.

3 responses to “Black out !

  1. oh yes, I remember this dance with tests. I was always left thinking, ‘how can one person who knows so much look like they know so little?’.

    Here in the US, they will give accomodations like letting the child dictate answers to someone so the child doesn’t have to write. Do they offer that in India?

  2. yes , I suppose ! But mainly for board exam. I assume they would not fail the child any way. But Siva is far far better than that level.
    The only thing is the preparation is a bit tedious.

    And just like for all LD kids we cannot be sure how they will appear for the exams even though they know every thing. I think that is what makes it more confusing.

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