You should write, my dear. Other wise they would never know !

When Siva has to write about something he will write about it so personally that it may not at all connected to the main subject in one glance.

I am overwhelmed how widely and how vividly he relates it to his experiences . The problem is he has so many ideas he don’t know which one to put first or how to connect them. And he may come up with some thing not related to it in first sight. ( if you want to know how exactly exceptional child’s thought process goes , see this post by ” child play .)

Last week Siva had a question. What do children do for children’s day ? And his answer is ” I and my sister will play a ‘broad’ game called fairy land. ” Even I didn’t remember the fact that that they were playing it on that day with real candy and lollipops and had a great time. But that would not score marks. They are supposed to write what ever body will normally do or what they are supposed to do.

Today they have GK exams and yesterday we were preparing . I asked him to write about or say a few sentences about holidays.

He stared at me for more than ten minutes. I had to fight back my instinct to give suggestions. Good that I had some home work reading!

Then he came up with this. ” I help my mother in gardening………………..I play with my sister . ( after much prodding ) ………………… Some times…………. we have…………. ice cream.”

I was on the verge of tears . ” Is this how you enjoy your holidays ?

( ” Am I bringing them up in some jail ? “)

patience , patience . I told myself.

I told him not to take the question so personally. Just say how kids enjoy their holidays . Again staring!!!!!!!!!

Now I have almost 10-12 sentences ready in my mind.And is ready to pounce on him.

Ok , tell me what all comes to your mind when you think of  holidays ? ” Fun- ice cream – gardening———–  I go to my father’s office. ( ?????? )

Oh God. there seems to be a crack in my  sweet composure . The sensitive mom is coming up front ! How could he ? Is this how I bring them up ? Is this pathetic they celebrate their holidays ? I took it rather personally.

What about the parks, trips, beaches , games, video games ?

” oh yes ! sometimes… when my mother gives me time…… I play video games ! ” He looked at me triumphantly. with joy that he could bring up one more sentence.

But I give up. I am horrified ! What his teacher will think if she sees this ? Some thing as nasty as child labour ?

Almost one hour has gone And I gave up. He has more than 25 pages to cover and has to mug up almost every word.

I winded up  telling him this .

” For the first sentence you write what the word means. You can select any of the sentences you have learned from your old books.  Then Concentrate on the pictures that come to your mind . The next few sentences you write what all are connected to it. Think of the words that come to your mind and make a sentence with each word. ( think what all of us are supposed to do for the asked qn. Don’t think what you did. ). Close the paragraph with a common statement. I love this , or it is important or some thing like that.

I don’t know how much good this will do. Now he has gone to school and I am so much taken up by his answers. Do they really spend their holidays so dryly ? Or is it just one other trait ?

Yes ,I know he sees every thing about the holidays in his mind. But the chain of thoughts are  so never ending he doesn’t know where to break up and make a sentence.

I am stopping this post in mid way without any closing statement . Because I don’t know what has to be done . To break the ice and to help him open up. To break the chain of thoughts and to remind him that he should write more and think less. And teacher would never know he thinks  so much about it and writes so less.

You must write them down, My dear. Otherwise they would never know how  beautiful your thoughts are and how deep you think . ( my eyes are filled with tears ) You must write them down. Some how!

But How ?

4 responses to “You should write, my dear. Other wise they would never know !

  1. oh, yes, this is familiar.

    His thoughts, all his deep beautiful thoughts, will come out somehow. But his deep thoughts probably have nothing to do with how he spends his vacation!

    So when he finds what is important to him then he will take the time to be detailed and thorough, and his ideas will come out through song, or poetry, or story, or maybe even film/photography. 🙂

  2. Akka.each n every post of urz moves me a lot..i desperatley wanted to talk to siva after reading this..thtz y i cld up..loves him a lot..
    can any mom can be as lovely as u r..i doubt..thtz exactly y wen someone asks me who is ur role model i have no second thoughts to say itz my big sister..she is a loving daughter,caring sister, n too good a mom..

  3. Hey akka whenever you write something about siva I feel like you are writing about me… I used to face the same thing when I was a Kid. I can still remember those examination I used to sit and think where to start where to end full con fusion !!!
    Even now I am facing so many problems because I had LD…

    But now i decided one thing in mind not to make LD as my excuse… thanks to your posts akka….

    • @child’s play :Is it like that always ? I cannot figure out why can’t they put them into words. May be because I always think with words . ( I realised only recently !) .And more than my in depth knowledge I always got marks for my presentation and ability to connect and highlight 😀

      @Salini :Love you ! there are no other words to tell you 😀

      @ Unni : Yes , dear brother . My heart always go out for you whenever I see Siva struggling . But then we were not enlightened enough .

      A few days before I met a parent who has a boy almost of your age . When he talked , I could feel the suffering and helplessness he had felt all through the years. The school had always complained and complained . Even though the parents knew their child was bright, nothing could be done to prove it. It affected the child’s confidence and every thing.

      ( Because then LD wasn’t researched like this. Parents didn’t really know what should be done. The school authorities knew even less. )

      But they some how got through . Mother was also with me. After that she told me , “Without even knowing anything about all this I am glad I have given my son the right support .”

      Yes. Now I can see clearly Unni. It was Amma’s unwavering support for you , No matter what any body else told , it was that shaped your life . It was that what saved you.

      But Then , I couldn’t understand why she was always so lenient and pampering with you ( absolutely out of place for your age when both of us were on our own even from a much younger age ). I couldn’t understand why they were so contend with your ways and never bothered about your marks. I couldn’t understand why she had always believed in you when you needed so much improving. I thought she will spoil you . It took me so many years to realise it is the other way round. That You needed all the support and love and care to survive.

      And that turned out to be correct stand. That is what every body discovered after all these research. I learned it the hard way though. Hats off to them!

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