Shape Hunting

This was inspired from  Child play’s Shape Safari.

I had a doubt if my kids were up to it. Siva had fallen down from his bicycle and bruised his elbows a bit nasty. Nothing I said would stop his cry.

As photography is one of his favourites , I thought why don’t give it a try. He was crying in full swing and in between the sobs I asked him if he would mind to  come to the terrace and take some pictures of shapes for me.

Suddenly his face brightened.

” What pictures ? ”

” Of shapes. I don’t know.. You will  have to find them on your own. ”

” just like in Mad ( Their favourite show on TV)  ?

” Can I also join ? ” Swetha came forward.

And what happened to the bruise and pain ?


Vanished for smiles and adventure. We did some cloud watching .  Siva captured the  sunset also. 🙂

Swetha’s favourite evening time pass. Watching the birds that are flying back home and that rest on the electric line. It is so high up. If I had another camera I would have taken her picture also taking the snap. She is lying on the floor to get a good view. 😀

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