Swamiye saranamayyappa….

Another Mandalakkaalam is on its way ! Time of the year I like the most . All the temples will be beautifully lit and it is the time for  ‘Utsavams ‘

It is a pleasure to see the pilgrims. If you have gone to Sabarimala you will know.

( Sali , One of my secret wishes is that when we get old enough to go there again , we will go together and I will show you all the places I had been with same wonder of a ten year old . I have preserved them all so well in my memory )

My trip ( I don’t know if you can call it that way ) to Sabarimala along with Appa is one of the most fond memories I cherish.

But now that Pamba is so polluted I don’t think it will be the same there.

I remember every bit of it . The Kettunira at our temple. Our journey in the night bus .

When we had gone to take the holy dip in Pamba I was more interested in the beautiful rocks that adorned the river bed and had wanted to bring some of them back home . But Appa would not allow me . And you know what, after the dip I had made a resolution that I will not do any more sins now that I am free of all my sins. Even now I can see the determination on my face . At the age of 10 what sins a girl could have done ? I don’t remember !

While at the hike with every  step I looked out for tigers who would pounce on us from between the trees for disturbing the peace of Ayyappan.

And the Sabarimala special ‘ kallumala’ ( tribal necklaces ) . We had bought some green ones for Sali. Even now I buy them out of nostalgia.

On our way back home Appa gave me apples carefully cut with pen knife and  showed me ‘Sabaripeetam’ and ‘Balikeramala’ along with his well illustrated stories.  Whether all these really exist there or he just made it up to draw my attention is something I haven’t questioned.

More than the spiritual part, during this time of the year the young boys look so serene and pious in their black shirt and black mundu and so sweet with their stubbles. I know they are all ‘Ayyappans’ and you should not look at them otherwise. Yes ! this is the time of the year I like the most !

The beautiful songs on Sabarimala . There are so many. All of them are my favourite. Especially the one from the old malayalam movie ‘ Chembarathi’.

It was on the background of this song , I got the first hint that I am the one being proposed by Sailendran Chettan. It was obvious that he was getting married but I could not figure out why every body was teasing me . Later I learned that the horoscopes have already been matched. And as they say the rest is history!

It was the first time I had seen the konna flowers bloom other than in April.

He would not tell me any of it even now. ( There should be some thing to talk about in the old age, after we retire . Ah ! What a nice excuse ! ).

So many years have passed by. This year I had wanted to send Siva . But I think he is not yet ready for the tedious hike. May be next year ! And I want all others in the family also to be with him. On his journey to Sabarimala ( and of life as well ) . And make it a Family Tradition.

There are so many things the young generation would want to learn from the men in the family. And a holy trip is the best one to make a start.

3 responses to “Swamiye saranamayyappa….

  1. Your stories are so unique and different from anything I’ve done in my life, I have no reference for them! I love hearing stories like this–it all seems like such a big adventure to have lived your life!

  2. This post was emotionally moving, Ash, because for as long as I can remember, my dad went every year, to Sabarimalai. And the story of Ayyapan and the very picture that you hvae posted are so deeply etched in my mind. And yes, after reading your post, I remembered that I too, want to visit Sabarimalai when the time comes. I hope I don’t forget!!

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