The child

All I want is to be a child and never grow up!

To be my father’s little girl ,

To cling to his fingers , To sit on his shoulders ,

To cuddle by his side nagging him on Sunday mornings,

To listen to his made up stories with wide open eyes ,

To have the freedom to cry to my heart’s fill when he scolds me,

To browbeat my sweet mother into the weirdest deals ,

To linger over  the last drop of morning tea ignoring her calls ,

To be lazy to get dressed up for  school,

To run to her when she comes home from office ,

To make faces at the dinner table,

To fight with my sister ,

To spank my brother ,

To play,  To sing , To dance .

Just a child and nothing more.

One response to “The child

  1. Aswathy Venugopal

    🙂 🙂

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