Daughter – A precious gift !

It was Pearl’s story time and we were lying on the couch cuddled to each other. So I started ………

Once upon a time there lived a sweet little girl ………….

Mother, Was it me ?

No, Not you.   Let me see….


Snow white , Sleeping beauty, Cindrella, Goldilocks, Beauty,…..


Rapunzel ?

Rapunzel ! Who is that ?

Oh Yes, So it was Rapunzel.

I started the story and moved on very slowly. I didn’t remember exactly how the Prince saved Rapunzel. So Rapunzel had lots of time to stay with her parents and then the Witch. Just like I expected Pearl was fast asleep by the time the Prince entered . So I have an extra day to find out what the Prince did.

The next morning I was busy with my chores and Kids were on their own . I really thought Pearl had forgotten about the story. In between she came to me holding this paper.

Mother, see  its Rapunzel !

I was really taken up by the picture. ( see that the Prince is not yet there in the picture ) . It was the first time she has done something completely on her own. As an individual. Until then it was just following her brother. And my heart swell with pride and happiness.

Then it occured to me. I realised that my little girl is growing . Thankfully, soon she will outgrow the frequent tantrums and girlish stubbornness .

And soon she will be out of her childhood. Soon she will be able to figure out things on her own , to work all on her own and may not even need my consent or approval or appreciation. And soon she will be big enough to embark on her own life. I can instantly feel the emptiness.

Then I decided the easiest way is to grow up along with her. To be her best friend.

A girl child can be your bosom friend , loving sister , naughty cousin, caring mother , some times even your mother- in- law ordering you around and at the same time your sweet little daughter !

A daughter is surely a precious gift right from the heaven .

He took very special care to find the precious treasures
that would make them sweet and fair…
He gave them smiles of angels, then explored the midnight skies
And took a bit of stardust to make bright and tinkling eyes…
He fashioned them from sugar and a little bit of spice,
He gave them sunny laughter and everything that is nice…
He smiled when He made daughters, because He knew He had
Created love and happiness for every mom and dad !   (Courtesy – orkut communities )

Loopholes in Rapunzel

She found out that , There are so many loopholes in the story of Rapunzel. For instance ,

1. how did the witch put Rapunzel in the tower ?

2. If there was stairs or if she fly on a broomstick why she cant use cant use that instead of climbing the hair ?

3. After cutting Rapunzel’s hair  how did she get down to leave Rapunzel in the forest and how she climbed up afterwards to wait for the prince ?

And I am stuck . Really stuck . Does anybody know where Brother Grimm lives ? We could ask him!

5 responses to “Daughter – A precious gift !

  1. Aswathy Venugopal


  2. very nice to read your blog,very interesting…aswathy why dont u write in magazines…….u have that spirit.

  3. That was such a beautiful post, Krishna Leela! Daughters make our lives so much more worthwhile! They truly are our pride.
    Yet it does hurt when they grow out of different phases and show signs of independence, despite knowing that it is what you would be teaching them throughout their growing up process, yet it hits hard when you realize that a time will come when they would no longer need you to hold them.

    And that is a very beautiful painting by your daughter :). God bless her!

  4. Thank you Deeps 🙂 You said it right . The whole purpose of parenting is to make them independent and make them capable of correct decisions . And yet some part of us feel they cuddle in our arms forever 🙂

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