Barbies and teddy.

I don’t know why Swetha wants a new barbie every year for her birthday.

Any other present has to be supplemented by a barbie as well. I am getting tired of this.

And what she want them for ?

To hug and play ? As her soul mate ?

NO ! Just to mutilate them in every way possible. Good thing that I found out their dresses from under the heap of toys. Maybe  she doesn’t want the barbie to outsmart her in beauty. 😀

There is no partiality here.

All the barbies have got the same treatment .

Not even one has escaped.

This year it is Sally and it is only a matter of time for her turn to come.

And her teddy?

He sleeps peacefully in his dig while she is gone to school!

8 responses to “Barbies and teddy.

  1. 😀

  2. Barbies..i guess all girls r crazy abt ii bot a barbie book for her n i cud c ppl staring at me as i was reading it…haha..yep…so happy to c she has arranged her barbies so nicely…

  3. Sali’s Corner 😀

  4. Good writing! after reading your threads shiva and swetha have become so close to my heart…

  5. Thanks 😀

  6. Aswathy Venugopal

    all baby gals r barbie fans.. n v cannot giv them anything els that wud satisfy them as a relace.. 😀
    its their world.. babies n dolls..
    leave them free..
    let them xplor themselves.. 🙂
    😉 😛

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