The Invisible Thread of Karma

I don’t believe in the bonds and relations framed by humans.

  Many people have told me how naturally my brother , sister and I  relate to each other  . When I think about it deeper it is not  just that ‘Blood is thicker than water’  . There is more to it . It is knowing  and accepting each other for what we are . It is being there for each other !

In my life there have been…

People  who came from nowhere to help me when I was in distress..

Friends  who gave me company when I was alone , showed me how wonderful this world really is,  made me smile and laugh ,

People who caused irreversible pain and in some way helped me ,  changed my life forever.

Mentors who enlightened me , made me think,  helped me move on ,

Strangers who inspired me far more than anybody who knows me .

Some times switching their roles and most of the time with out them ever knowing  what their deeds really meant to me .

There have been people who by their deeds have acted  as my father , mother , sister, brother , friend, mentor and more……. 

Yes, I believe in the invisible thread of karma that bind humans  together and make us  do what we are destined to , no matter we know it or not , no matter how far or near .

And once they  finish their Mission they simply vanish into the thin air or  change their roles and it becomes impossible to trace them back  !

4 responses to “The Invisible Thread of Karma

  1. Aswathy Venugopal

    yet another fantastic post..

  2. So very true, Ash. You’ve expressed it so well. I wish however, that we could choose our relatives beyond a point in time 🙂

  3. Very well written….of course, these are the ppl who make our life seem much blessed. 🙂

  4. Have u read any of Brian L .Weiss’s books? He writes so beautifully about karmic connections 🙂

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