Our little expeditions – Constellations

Siva had a portable planetaurium show at his school and he is all the more excited about Universe and planets and constellations, even though he cannot pronounce it correctly.

Dome interior

When we googled in to see the ‘Great bear’ , he immediately pointed out the Great dipper. He is a bit confused about which way it is pointing. And I almost burst into tears . Not because of seeing my son’s brilliance. But it is just impossible for me to see it , no matter however hard I try. ( Not even with the line drawn connecting those stars. )

If possible I would have borrowed his eyes for a while . Just to see the constellation at least for once. For me , stars are just.. well, beautiful bright spots scattered in the sky. I can see and savor their beauty but I cannot see their alignments.

Three dimensional view of anything is one of Siva’s greatest strength and it is one of my greatest weakness. I cannot help wondering what a nice pair we make. ” Mannankattayum Kariyilayum ” !

From the Great bear we moved on to Polar bear- North Pole – Arctic and Antarctic regions – Near to the bear – Polar bear- Away from the bear – penguins- Penguins live in South Pole because there are no predators there on land – They make nest with pebbles and bones . And from there we moved on to the countries near the polar region.

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