Setting up the Library .

I realised it is time for us to reset and list down the books in our library when I bought the same  picture dictionary for the second time. Now we have one with hard cover and one with paper back. And four versions of Cindrella. Yesterday also I bought one ( again ) thinking I don’t have one with good pictures and writing. And there are some other books also which I don’t remember.

Kids would have known it but now  some times I  go alone so that I can take my own time.

To decide is easy , but to work it out is not . But when I suggested it, kids took the whole thing away from me and worked it out  on their own.

I helped them to sort the books  and we decided to  give alphabets ( is my number  phobia  showing ? ) to every category .

I showed them how to  list down the names of books under each category and  they took it from there.

They stuck the stickers and wrote the categories.

Arranged it according to the categories.

Found out every book in the house ….

What seemed to me as a dreadful, tedious and boring job was completed with so much joy, planning, sharing, and confidence.

And our library couldn’t have been more organised!

4 responses to “Setting up the Library .

  1. my podi’s have become so big..luv u

  2. Very good!!! Aswathy.. u r giving so much care to ur children..An example of a good mother…. learning from u…

  3. Aswathy Venugopal

    y dont u think of givin them a small shelf, where books can b arranged in slanting position… with stickers showin their category pasted bout them..
    may b they cud relate it to their school library or some public libraries they c in movies..
    my little suggestion ok? 😉 think over it na?

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