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Half of my time I spend organising every thing so that it would be easy for me to keep on track. And the remaining half I keep on re – organising them so that no body notices my absent mindedness.

I had enrolled Swetha for some talent day programs. But now that I have to prepare her I don’t remember which were the programs . I am planning to write a letter to her teacher to let me know from the list ! hahaha !

I keep on and keep on and keep on……… making newer and tougher resolutions to fight against my absent minded nature. But in vain. So I thought why don’t I write them down.

I am not making a resolution ‘ To Remember’  . Well, that would almost be impossible. ‘ I will not forget ‘ sounds to be more easy.

I will not forget

1. the day and date every day / any day.

2.  about the next day’s breakfast………..  to cook . ( not cooking ! just to cook every day’s food.).

3.  to pay the bills on time ( This itself will take care of almost 75% of  my problems. )………. to charge my mobile on time.

4. to put the laundry on time…………to  put the washing powder…………to switch on the machine …………… to connect and switch on the pipe.. to press the buttons…………… to check if it has started working……. ( After all these steps it is a real wonder I some times get it all done . )

5.  to fold the clothes and sort it out and keep it in exact places . Aaarg h!!!!!!!! ! To keep the waste…………to buy the milk and groceries on time……. I will not forget to boil enough drinking water. ( we don’t rely on filters ) ………….and to switch off the burner on time. …… do the dishes ………… to sweep and mop and dust.

6 .  to eat food and drink water on time .

7.  to set hubby dear’s take away bag / mobile / comb/bath towel/ clothes / key ???? …. never ending.

8.  the assignments given by hubby, the Boss.

9. to book tickets……….to light the prayer lamp every day………… do the bed…………….to water my plants.

10.  to  check my check list .

I will not forget my resolutions and want to start all over again.

Oh! Life is really tough . How do every body else manage to live with all these done ? ( My biggest question about life )

But in my case there is nothing any body can do.  First my mother and then my hubby dear have done every thing humanly possible to make a woman out of me 😮 ,  and have hopelessly given up ! 😀

But the most amazing thing is some times I manage to pull along with out catching any body’s eyes ! 😀

Daily Resolutions !

Setting up the Library .

I realised it is time for us to reset and list down the books in our library when I bought the same  picture dictionary for the second time. Now we have one with hard cover and one with paper back. And four versions of Cindrella. Yesterday also I bought one ( again ) thinking I don’t have one with good pictures and writing. And there are some other books also which I don’t remember.

Kids would have known it but now  some times I  go alone so that I can take my own time.

To decide is easy , but to work it out is not . But when I suggested it, kids took the whole thing away from me and worked it out  on their own.

I helped them to sort the books  and we decided to  give alphabets ( is my number  phobia  showing ? ) to every category .

I showed them how to  list down the names of books under each category and  they took it from there.

They stuck the stickers and wrote the categories.

Arranged it according to the categories.

Found out every book in the house ….

What seemed to me as a dreadful, tedious and boring job was completed with so much joy, planning, sharing, and confidence.

And our library couldn’t have been more organised!

Awe struck at beauty of nature!

Hidden Powers of the natural elements always held me spell bound   ; Earth, Water, Air and Fire .They appear so calm yet they are so strong!

Water is one of my all time passion. May it be a spring , water fall , stream, river , sea, lake or simply a glass of crystal clear water. It has always entranced me with its mystery of deepness.

I believe in the super natural power that keeps every thing moving and at the same time maintaining the balance.

The Spice box .

You will wonder finding out how much kids can learn from day to day life.

When I asked Pearl to set up the spice box for me I just wanted to keep her busy. She got so excited about the idea and Ruby also joined her.

First I had asked her only to clean and wipe the boxes . Any way she was washing them on her own.  She has the habit of washing every thing set on the dining table. The wash basin is ideal for her height.

Seeing their enthusiasm I asked them to fill the spices also.

As always Ruby made a step by step plan and arrangements to do it. How the small boxes will come in a line , get cleaned and filled ( he would have weighed it also if he could ) and go into the bigger box as though it is done in a factory by some machine.

It was fun to watch them taking turns and doing it on their own. Unknowingly I also joined in.

When they started filling the boxes I explained to them the name of the spices , which part of the plant is being used , which of them give the aroma for their different favourite dishes and their uses other than cooking. Ruby also contributed his part.

From the encyclopedia we found out pictures , their names in our mother tongue and some other foreign spices and herbs commonly used and it turned out into a spicy evening.


I remember vividly  when I was a kid just like them , how my mother used to explain to me about the anatomy of fish when she cleaned them , about air bladders , fins and gills , stream lining, breeding .

How she explained to me about different plants and their species while she worked in the kitchen and I helped her or simply hanged around ,  how plants propagated and pollinated , the toxins that may be present in different plants  , how fungus and algae grow, how they have deep roots down in the food and spores and lot of other things .

In simple words and some times using definite terms.

It really ignited my interest in them and gave me a good start when I selected Bio for my college levels.

She collected books with astronomy and stars and planets because I was very much interested in heavenly bodies and their arrangements .

Your mother will always know you deep down to your heart. I can fool any body in this whole world but not her.