Ruby makes Pasta

What is special in cooking . Nothing special in it other than mere wonder for normal kids. But for children who can understand only with their hands on there is a lot to study in  every thing they do ,with out them knowing that they are learning.
Ruby voluntered to make pasta because he likes cooking and he was so much taken up by the tangy tomato ad and the free sticker they have in it.

At first I also thought it to be a time pass. I was enagaged with some thing else , so I asked him to read the instructions himself and arrange things needed.

So he asked me about litres and ml. Well, I am as ignorant as he is. When it comes to conversion my mind gets filled with fog. So I digged my brain for the conversion. ( I am not writing it because I am not sure 😀 ) I told him how many ml makes 1 litre. How many cups make 500 ml and the milk we get here is 500 ml and a lots of other trivia which could be connected to this.

Then he asked me where he can get a ‘tsp’ . So I collected the different types of spoons we have and explained to him about tea spoon , table spoon and soup spoon and the volumes they hold.  1 tea spoon = 5 ml and 1 tb sp = 15 ml . I connected it with his medicine cup which holds 5ml.

Then he wanted to check the time.  He is very precise about time. Even when  he looks at a normal clock he will tell time only in minute minutes like 8.32 or 12.01 like that . So nothing much for me to do. Now he has a stop watch to do his abacus and he would have happily used it.

Food fusion - Pasta with bread and chana. Later they made it into a sandwich 😀

The sheer joy of seeing him completing things on his own is beyond words.

And you know what, he will remeber every bit of it. Even the minute details of those 30 minutes because he enjoyed it.

I can say confidently because he directed Swetha when it was her turn to make pasta.

And the words in the instructions ; It has been taken undoubtedly into his vocabulary. And I know that he can do the same thing with much more ease just by looking at the pictures given.

Just see around . There are lots of things that can be connected to kids .

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