Oh! What an idea Sirji :-D

Swetha had been complaining for a bed lamp for so many days.

At last I decided to fix one . I had some other petty maintenance also. So I called for the electrician and as we know him close I told him how Swetha is adamant about the bed lamp. She came back from school before he finished his work . The bed lamp was yet to be fixed.

She was watching the work and in between I asked her if there is any thing  she wants him to do for her.  I wanted to know if she can connect between fixing the bed lamp and electrician. The electrician also joined in and asked her if there is anything that he should do for her.

I could see that she was confused but thought she would come up with it.

” hmmm … I don’t have anything in particular. I you really want to do something you can complete my home work for me'”. She was so serious . My jaw dropped.

” any thing but writing for you , little one. I have never been good in writing. ” The electrician replied in the same tone. Only after that we burst out into laughing.  😀

Swetha got  furious. She did really mean it.  It took me some time and so much effort to explain to her that electricians are not expected to do such works and she has to do her home works by herself.

I am sure she will out source all her work and chores if she can help it . 😀

One response to “Oh! What an idea Sirji :-D

  1. Aswathy Venugopal

    lovely girl 😀

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